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    Hey there, I discovered during random internet peregrinations this amazingly beautiful / clever / impressive project done in Houdini, by Robert Hodgin. i was so astonished by the whole concept and technical execution of it that i really wanted to share it here with you, if it can interests some people here. http://roberthodgin.com/project/meander?fbclid=IwAR2MX7EDeWLKC_U8x4TEZEn7eP8fS0bchytNH7j20FQTGcyPOOaDlFQyhvY It is basically a kind of imaginary generative cartography system that draw 2d detailed antique maps of imaginary rivers flowmap and their derivation with time. I find the attention to details and the whole process totally stunning. If i understood correctly Robert Hodgin is as well the co-creator of the cinder programming framework. Don't hesitate to check his other works on his website, it's full of super interesting ideas (I did not know in which rubric to post this exactly, feel free to move it if needed.)
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    Hmmm... to me it seems that you try to modify the activation after the simulation is doene what does not make sense. The dopimport imports the geometry from the simulation and any modification here has no effect at all to the sim. You have to deactivate the objects before you start the simulation and if you want them to be activated, you have to manipulate the rbd elements during the simulation what means in the dop network. One way is to use a sop solver. I tried to do a simple setup in the attached file. simple.hipnc
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    Hi, If all you want is an array of elements in that group, you can use the expandprimgroup function:
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    It seems to work in all versions of 18.0.x up until 18.0.499. Up until then, somehow, the Transform Pieces node could apply non-named template attributes from a single point to all four wheel points. In 18.0.499 the points have to be matched by a name attribute for it to work. Possibly SideFX have fixed a long-standing bug or broken a normal piece of functionality. No idea which :-) car_rig_bullet_julian_18.0.499.hip
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    How are you today?:) Just to let you know I could finally share the latest animatic film i was involved for the PS5. Everything is CG excepted few actor close-up. Assembled in Houdini and rendered with Arnold, Speedtree, Substance, Zbrush , Maya. It was great fun to work with Time based art and all around talented freelancers working together remotely in the same creative flow. Thanks for making me part of this adventure Drop me a line if you are looking for people to complete your team https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cj6AUuRs1A4&feature=youtu.be Or in Better quality https://www.dropbox.com/s/ksihlzrawj3x4ab/PlayStation_Immersion_Longform_20200729_TITLED_2398FPS.mov?dl=0 ________________________________________________________________ Vincent Thomas (VFX and Art since 1998) Senior Env and Lighting artist & Houdini generalist & Creative Concepts http://fr.linkedin.com/in/vincentthomas
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    I dialed in the numbers so it resembles hair a little more. twist_around_curves_HAIR.hipnc
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    Hi José, you can twist curves around other curves by rotating lots of copied cone lines using noise on a rotate VOP. Then transfer those twisted curves to the position and orientation along other curves based on transformation matrices from the orient along curves-node. float u = 1.0 - vector(relbbox(0, v@P)).z; int copy = prim(0, 'copynum', i@primnum); matrix trans = primuv(1, 'transform', copy, u); v@P.z = 0.0; v@P *= trans; twist_around_curves.hipnc
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    Make any shape on any shape by gradient and audio
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    Awesome technique! for sure I'll try it. Thanks for sharing!
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    if you can animate your objects after packed, so that you can use Animated Static Objects option in RBD Packed and don't animate your constraints in SOPs constraint_anim_to_dops_fix.hip