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    Here is the same result, but orientation is set by the @orient attribute: @zero_to_three = floor( 4 * rand(@ptnum)); float angle = @zero_to_three * radians( 90 ); vector axis = {0,1,0}; @orient = quaternion(angle,axis); quaternion.hiplc
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    Hello everyone! Every Monday at 12am for the last 3 weeks I have been uploading VEX snippets as mini-tutorials on my website: https://aaronsmith.tv/1-Minute-VEX Here, through '1 Minute VEX', I'll try to walk you through some of the more obscure and advanced functions that exist, and add as much explanation as possible to accompany the images in text based form. These are not for Houdini beginners! I also intend on all of my website's educational content being free - permanently. No donations, no subscriptions, no coupons. Below is 1 Minute VEX III as an example; Let me know if anyone has any suggestions for improvement! - 1 Minute VEX III - Ray-Cast Ambient Occlusion
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    To get color with the sparse pyro, you'll need to source/resize/advect. source : Volume source: add Cd resize : Advanced/Resizing/Extra Fields: Cd advect : Advanced/Advection/Extra Fields: Cd check the attached hip file sparse_pyro_color_01.hiplc
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    Hi Dominic, here is one possible way. File is attached. @zero_to_three = floor( 4 * rand(@ptnum)); float angle = @zero_to_three * radians( 90 ); vector axis = {0,1,0}; matrix3 m = ident(); rotate(m, angle, axis); @up = {0,1,0}; @N = m * {0,0,1}; 0-270.hiplc
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    oh, that was not clear at all, in that case you can use Distance From Geometry node for example, that will give you also some falloff Vex_fix2.hip
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    this is the file , I tried several things : detailintrinsic , primintrinsic , totalvolume but I couldn't solve that Vex.hip
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    You should use it for static model at first frame of your animation.
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    My wishlist * Multi-threaded CHOPS * Extra nodes in shops such as channel compression (just mule audio waves compression in music), i believe in touchdesigner it already exists. * Better built in code editor * an extra full non procedural modeling system * Bringing COPS up to level with NUKE/Fusion * Better FLIP control for small scenes * Better documentation with more explanations where its needed of example files when applicable * Better hair frizz and bend methods (quick go go crazy) * Better hair clumping node (with more control to not let it start from the absolute root) that being said, sideFX prob came up with stuff I didn't even know i needed : )
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    Have you tried the Intersection Analysis SOP?
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    You can fit-range an attribute with setdetailattrib() set to "min" and "max". 1st pointwrangle: setdetailattrib(0, 'height_min', @height, "min"); setdetailattrib(0, 'height_max', @height, "max"); 2nd pointwrangle: float min = detail(0, "height_min", 0); float max = detail(0, "height_max", 0); @Cd.g = fit(@height, min, max, 0.0, 1.0); fit_range_VEX.hiplc