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    It’s the year 2261 in a world where magic was never forbidden or forgotten. Mystique, a brand of sorcerer gear introduces their new magic wand. It started from a public challenge on a french Discord server called Houdinimatic whose theme was magic wand. I had this idea of designing a futuristic magic wand and showing the construction process of every pieces coming together like the sequence of the assembling of Iron Man’s suit, with the aestetics of films like Tron Legacy, iRobot or the Westworld series. I quickly thought of some kind of magic crystal or liquid that would act as a fuel for the wand and turn on like a device. The handle and the middle section where the crystal is quickly satisfied me but a struggled quite a bit on the design of the tip. I tried having it different shapes, twisted, changing the material but nothing worked. Progress of the wand's design I wanted something simple, elegant, slender so I tried a retractable and thin stick and that was it. It fitted the theme of the self-assembling sequence and was the shape I needed to make the design coherent. Finding the right speed for the projectile was something I didn’t expect would be that important. I started with what would be considered a really slow pace compared to the final speed because I wanted to have a really cool looking projectile lighting the scene up with some particles dancing behind it. Having it travel at a speed you could see was a mistake, it made it not feel like a projectile, it had to travel way faster to actually feel it was projected and powerful. The rest of the time I spent on this project was to design the spell and its different FXs, fine-tune my render’s process, lighting, and of course post-production. I’m happy that I made it with Houdini, I proved myself that I could do something else than FX with it. It’s a sometimes hard but rewarding software. The music also plays a huge part, I started with a song from the OST of Tron Legacy at it sticked for a really long time because it was exactly what I had in mind so finding a substitute took a lot of efforts. I also wanted to go the extra mile and have a nice sound design so I spent a lot of time searching for different sounds and trying things out, getting lost on internet imagining what could my scene sound like, I think in the end it adds an immense amount of « realism », it feels grounded and add a lot of energy especially to the magic spell which feels super flat without the sound. Hey if you made it this far thanks for reading and caring about my work. I’m looking for a job opportunity so maybe share this if you feel like it or know anyone who could be interested.
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    I have that by Default ..strange Play with the file Have FUn I can t find that results now ..its there just play DsExpand copsrle.hiplc
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    It's not correct. See attached file. vector(1) give a vector of (1,1,1)
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    I ran into the same problem, and was able to get this to work with the below code: import subprocess houdini_app = ('"C:\\Program Files\\Side Effects Software\\Houdini 18.0.566\\' 'bin\\houdinifx.exe"') houdini_load_file = 'C:\\houdini_filename.hip' houdini_script_path = 'C:\\pythong_filename.py' houdini_cmd = '{} {} {}'.format(houdini_app, houdini_load_file, houdini_script_path) subprocess.Popen( houdini_cmd, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE, shell=True ) Hope this helps someone else!
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    i dream about an overlaid network view atop 3d viewport for several years! it would save so much screenspace. something like animatrix did it:
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    Houdini is very good for advanced 3d tasks,but sometimes you will find it lacking many basic functions.Those little things will slow down our process.from a c4d user and motion designer’s perspective ,I really hope houdini will pay attention to those little things. 01.permanent autosave option.i know there is a script,but you should really give user the option to turn it on or off natively in houdini. 02.a little icon showing the project has changed,and you haven’t saved,in c4d it’s a * . 03.Hip file preview thumbnail.this will be a lifesaver,please,please. 04.drag and drop support.again,there is a python script,but you know. 05.multi-window support.when I want to open more than one project at the same time,it’s so annoying to start another houdini. 06.the curve node.it really needs some big improvement,the functions now are so limited.you can’t even select multi points at a time,it’s miles away from c4d’s spline module. 07.the font sop.houdini’s fonts manager is very outdated,you can’t scroll up and down,the font does not have a preview. 08.the ui.maybe a more modern and flat version?i don’t know,I just feel it’s not so intuitive now. Those little things will have great value for motion designers,if houdini wants to attract more c4d users,please pay attention to the details. Sorry for my English.what’s your opinion?
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    you don't have to use mass to determine what's pinned you can also use i@stopped attribute, which has advantage of keeping the original mass value once unpinned (stopped==0) also you can use explicit constraints (soft) as pins, which may be preferred method all of these methods are part of Vellum Constraints/Pin To Target, so no need to create them manually
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    I just wish we can select/edit multiple points at a time in Curve Node. It's been so many years, the Curve Tool in Houdini still sucks.
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    @3dome It worked !!!!!! Thank you so much for all your Assistance and Patience. Another thing I found just before trying the Sub Steps was that I had to go to : Pyro Solver --> Advanced --> Collisions: and set Fields to correct to a (*) for all of the Pyro Fields to be affected. Thanks again for all the assistance !
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