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    I was walking by a buddies machine the other day, and saw this as his houdini UI theme. I asked if he would share it. so here it is Slate_houdiniTheme.zip
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    Using VEX in a primitive attribute wrangle: setprimintrinsic(0, 'closed', i@primnum, 1, 'set');
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    just an update if someone has the same question: "glue" has no constraint_type, only 'hard' and 'soft' can be 'position' or 'rotation' constraint_type
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    While primuv() refers to intrinsic primitive coordinates, uvsample() uses the whole texture coordinates (no promotion to point attributes needed). vector bb = relbbox(0, v@P).xzy; v@P = uvsample(1, 'P', 'uv', bb); Please look into this thread to see how you can cut the grid along the seams before applying it to another mesh: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/60740/?page=1#post-272057 sphere_pos_real_uv2.hipnc
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    Prefix node path with "op:" or use metadata node as a second input: // Using "op:"-syntax. detail("op:../foreach_begin1_metadata1", "iteration") // As a second input. detail(1, "iteration") i@opinput1_iteration detail("opinput:1", "iteration") detail(@OpInput2, "iteration") // Here count starts from 1.