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    Hi Alain I have the great pleasure to tell you that this is working beyond dreams I changed very few things, only the pinning of each ends of the curve; the dynamics were set absolutely right for this type of material. Cooking time is almost insignificant and the animation plays back at 12fps with the polywire This setup would even handle a lot more stress than shown here. I am thinking of doing a spray paint nozzle and have this thing paint stuff or write.. I am still considering the best approach.. attribute transfer, Pyro spread temp attr.. If you wish to join this little project, you are more than welcome Many Thanks Vellum_Helix_03.hipnc
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    In COPs you can use the OCIO Transform VOP inside a VOP COP2 Filter to convert images from ACEScg to srgb or rec709. The DMNK tools also provide a couple of convenient HDAs to streamline that: https://github.com/DominikLingenover/DMNK-Tools As far as external tools, PYCO is very nice: https://mrlixm.github.io/PYCO/standalone/ColorspaceConvert/home/
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    Hi, I don't know any built-in features but I made one
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    Hello everyone. I have uploaded a fully procedural (indie lc) setup for the terminal. I have put a few sticky notes, plus you can read the text from a .txt file. Thank you again fencer! terminal_setup.rar
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    i'm pretty sure mantra can do very similar color operations to any other renderer. you already discovered color correction. that's it for exposure, gamma, saturation, contrast, hue. for levels, you've got Fit Range VOP and Fit Range Unclamped VOP. Color Mix VOP obvisouly allows you to mix colors by a bias (or alpha). then you've got Hue Shift VOP for, well, shifting hues. Another thing you can do with colors is Blend Regions VOP (it can supposedly blend colors by threshold. I never used it but might be interesting to explore), Ramp VOP (for creating gradients), and then of course you can use any math operations to adjust colors: Add, Mult, Subtract, Divide, Modulo, you name it. I'm sure I forgot mention a few but this is good to get you started. cheers. D.