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    You can also avoid the polyextrude of the sphere and just enable 'invert sign' on the static object. This tells the solver to treat the interior as hollow an exterior as solid. To hide the sphere or any geometry created by a DOP node, you can click the cyan/eye flag POPs_in_sphere_invert_sign.hiplc
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    Hi James I had a look at your scene. That is right some the particle get ejected outside the sphere instantly.. and the more you res up the collision VDB. the worse it gets.. It is very lucky that I had the same issue once with a flip sim as the answer is the least you expect and is almost impossible to find in books. The container needs to be open somewhere. Apparently particle based simulations don't work in a sealed container. You can cap it but it need to have an opening. So I punched a hole in the sphere and it works fine. Let me know if that works on your end Cheers POPs_in_sphere-help_01.hipnc
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    MergeSOP effectively creates new geometry object consisting of primitives of its inputs. Houdini can usually avoid actual copy, but I suspect that depending on a state of input geometry it might be forced to do even more. Copying attribute requires hardening it, which means baking all intermediate stages, removing holes, sorting etc. It can take a while. I don't know how Houdini handles copying packed prims, but it might be yet another story. Whatever it your case, you shouldn't merge geometry for rendering. People usually do the opposite: so even if peaces are kept together for some reason (like sim), they are at the very end separated into many objects for rendering. It's cleaner and easier to handle, it's better performance-wise both for exporting to renderer and for rendering itself.
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    You can try breaking your cloth into clusters using nearest points (like you would do with a simple voronoi fracture) edge_tears_2.hipnc
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    @dolexd Take a look at this VEX tutorial
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    Hi, gather the power of your computer for games and workstations for the intermediate. AMD RYZEN 3950X 128GB 3200MHZ CL16 (Crucial Ballistix Black) MSI MAG X570 TOMAHAWK WIFI RTX 3090 24GB Corsair HX1000 80+ Platinum
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    Sim stores a bunch of simulation objects and their data, so then you can continue to simulate later at a given point, is also way heavier on your HDD. So if you aren't planning in using for initial state or such uses like that I would just use .bgeo which is a compact binary format and lighter on your HDD for everything else.
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    Disable the Render to Mplay under the Output tab.
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    Hi, with vdb combine node you can flatten all volumes into one volume, see example file. Also be sure to check openvdb examples for houdini. It is great resource. Juraj VdbCombineINForEach_fix.hipnc
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    Uhm....do you refer to it with an expression containing op: ? If so, try to add [$F] to it, and see if that helps. For example: op:/img/comp1/OUT[$F]