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    Hi Check out my new character To download this character please follow this link: https://www.samankhorram.com/rigged-characters
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    I recently ran into a bunch of issues in getting fbx animation out of houdini and into unreal so I thought I'd share the process so that hopefully noone else needs to run into the same issues. Quick version: Use the ROP FBX Output in sops, don't bother with the labs RBD to FBX ROP Turn on "build heirarchy from path" on the FBX Output All intrinsic pivots should be zero
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    Yes I created 2 videos explaining it in depth
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    To back up fencers suggestion, heres a part of the H18.5 keynotes where they do pyro trails: https://youtu.be/zMrvCWy85xM?t=6089
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    Here is a quick example of how you could achieve this kind of effect with the grain solver. If you wanted to get fancy with this, you could constrain pairs of grains together to more accurately represent the bee body shape. bees.hip
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    Hi! If I have a polygon sphere, and I want to put the pivot of my transform sop to point number 30 on my sphere, I would write like so point("../sphere1", 30, "P", 0) point("../sphere1", 30, "P", 1) point("../sphere1", 30, "P", 2) You're trying to do "P.x". The function is looking for an attribute, so you just need put "P" for position. Since position is a vector, it has 3 components which are what the last number in the function refer to. 0 for x, 1 for y, and 2 for z. Hope this helps!
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    Look at the help file for the Scatter SOP: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini15.0/nodes/sop/scatter The Tip section right at the top describes three different scenarios to scatter fixed point positions on deforming geometry including an example file. Very fast and you only evaluate the Scatter SOP from the frame you use in the Time Shift SOP. Btw rarely do you want to lock operators to get a rest frame in an input deforming archive. Always use the Time Shift SOP and 9 times out of 10 you are setting it to frame 1 or the start frame of the sequence which is $FSTART (in case you are dealing with simulations that start at frame 1001 for example). See the example file as to how to take in deforming unpacked geometry (from your alembic archive) and use an Ends SOP set to unroll then scatter and stick with the Attribute Transfer SOP using the recipe indicated in the help. See the attached example file for scattering on deforming edges. stick_scatter_points_on_deforming_geometry.hip