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    Inside view / Outside view: hemisphere.hipnc
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    You can Use Clip Sop with Stereo Projection ON any Given Point Or Geo.Have Fun ..You Have Those Methods Here ON OdFroce Investigate Link
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    Hi, I did the same thing a while back using a similar expression in Hscript and Python: { string result = chs("elementname"); string frame = ""; if (strcmp(chs("range"), "static") == 0) return result + ".bgeo.sc"; else if (strcmp(chs("range"), "single") == 0) { frame = pythonexprs('"%04d" % (hou.evalParm("frame"))'); } else if (strcmp(chs("range"), "fullrange") == 0) { if (ch("substeps") == 1) frame = pythonexprs('"%04d" % (int(hou.frame()))'); else frame = pythonexprs('"%04d.%04d" % (int(hou.frame()),int(hou.frame()*10000)%10000)'); } return result + "." + frame + ".bgeo.sc"; } This is to be able to perfectly write and read subframe files. Note that even if you do all this, nodes like TimeBlend won't use your subframe files, so I had to create my own TimeBlend SOP. SESI knows this limitation. More info on my patreon if you need the tools and more in-depth explanation: https://www.patreon.com/posts/timeblend-sop-30871322
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    It's not exact what he posted, it's not blue and white.
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    Add between Convert and add - poly-spline Sop (SplineType- B SPLINE) Than you have Same Result Secret its the degree of a B-spline
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    Like This Or Clip.hiplc
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