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    amazing, thank you! So there shouldn't be any reason for this algorithm not to work on OpenCL. That opens up an ocean of possibilities. I'm currently swamped though by another research, but I will definitely try looking into this as soon as possible. In a more distant future I would like to integrate this type of iterative functions/fractals into architectural design. I think that there are a lot of opportunities for these gems in this sphere.
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    Thanks Yunus I will try it.
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    Hi all ! I did a simple vex scene with particules orbiting an object. The main challenge is to avoid particules to exit their orbit by computing an vector that correct their distance to the surface object from an iso value. Hope you like it. Update : Added the gradient of geodesic distance as axis of rotation for the particules. Usefull if you want to rotate along each element of a geometry, like arms, legs, tentacles, etc. pop_orbit_001_odforce.hiplc
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    Hi Diogo, you can reference geometry with the "op" syntax: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/io/op_syntax.html I am attaching a .hiplc file with an example. I thought that you could also reference geometry with a "Spare Input", but I tried it and I am doing something wrong (or it is not possible indeed). If anybody has a clue, I would like to know, too. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/model/compile#spare pop wrangle inputs.hiplc
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    Its probably because a wrangle is an HDA, and it seems to only show the cooktime for itself and not what it contains. You could always send in a bug for it!
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    torus_twister cuboctahedron to improve: chromatic aberration cube_fractal to fix: apperent acceleration to find out: how to generate gifs directly from TOPs spigoli_v20_text_toodforce.hip
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    Like this? rot_constraint.hipnc
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    Here's one way, no doubt someone else will show an easier method. To fit a colour ramp to something, you need an input value that goes between 0 and 1. In this case, we want a 0-1 value within the bounding box of your volume. The relbbox() function does this, where one of the lower corners is set as {0,0,0}, the opposite top corner is {1,1,1}, and if you give it a position within the box, it tells you where it is within that 0-1 range of the box. In a volume wrangle, you can query the position of each voxel relative to the overall bounding box with vector bb = relbbox(0, @P); For the vertical gradient, we only want the y component of that, ie bb.y. You can directly feed that to a channel ramp, and set the colours you want, and drive @Cd that way: @Cd = chramp('my_colour', bb.y); vol_y_ramp.hipnc Few things to watch for: -the default mode for a channel ramp is a float ramp, not a colour ramp. You need to edit the parameter interface to swap it from float to colour. -you need a volume visualisation node to see it in the viewport -I'm sure its possible to do this in a shader and not directly in the volume, but I couldn't be bothered to work that out. -relbbox() might be depreciated in future in favour of the more descriptive relpointbbox(), but that seems to have a bug with volumes. Instead you need to put down a bounds sop to get an actual box shape, wire that to the second input of the wrangle, and call relpointbbox(1,@P) instead. -the viewport renderer shows washed out colours compared to the render, you can see I used the colour correction toolbar on both the viewport and render view to make them roughly match.
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    Figured it out; just putting the solution down in case someone else encounters the same problem. 1. On way of solving was to make another volume source in the pyro and have it source a 0 (zero) velocity volume that is placed in the region that needs to be slowed down. 2. It also worked (faster than the above) by using the velocity from the sop geo in the dop; make the geo -> iso offset -> scatter throughout the volume and then add some 0 velocity. Hope the above helps to anyone who encounters the same problem