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    Hi everyone! I've just released MOPs Plus into early access. This is an add-on to the existing MOPs toolset that adds some new convenient SOP toys for typography, collision geometry, randomizing or switching textures, and a few other tricks. It also adds MOPsDOPs, an extension of the MOPs toolset into simulations. Since it's in early access, if you use the coupon code MOPSPLUSEA at checkout, you'll get a 25% discount. You can find more details about the plugin here: https://motionoperators.com/info/mopsplus/ Feel free to hit me up with any questions at all! Thanks to everyone who's helped me test and refine so far.
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    found the problem, its because when you enable union compressed fluid surface, it uses a union operation in a vdb combine with the surface from the compressed cache and the vdb particle fluid. For some reason the surface was too small on some frames and the union operation. failed. A simple vdb reshape sdf with dilation fixed it