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    Hi, you can workaround it by using a reference prim for each point. After extrusion you can store the prim number as point attribute (limited to the extrusion group). Once you have the information you can rescale the points base on the primitives orientation. extrude_non_uniform_scale_ref.hipnc
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    @Aizatulin awesome thanks so much!
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    Not long ago I was tasked with a simulation of bags of hard candy falling and splitting open on the floor, with the candy of various shapes and sizes spilling out. This turned out to be way harder then I thought. There is really no built in way for vellum and bullet dynamics to interact with each other in Houdini. After searching the internet, I did find one tutorial on kind of faking the interaction, but it seemed overly complicated to me. So after a bit of R&D I came up with this setup. Its very simple and fast, and solves both the vellum and bullet sims in one network at the same time: It basically works by importing the RBD geo into the vellum collision solver, and the vellum geo into the bullet solver. The mass of the RBD has to be faked in somewhat, so it interacts with the cloth in a more realistic way, but that's it! See hip for example: vellum_x_bullet.hip
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    Collections of OSL shaders for Renderman plus some expressions to mimic scanning electron microscope. OslShaderss.hiplc
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    Hello And Have Fun -and Thanx For All Students Complex Math and Python it Works in 18.5.408 just download scipy One Ex of Many More MATH.rar
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    Fun From Students VorITILES.hiplc
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    Yesssss Thanx Alessandro Nardini
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    Yupi it works ,more fun . 4 min
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    Fractals Vol and some ex with L-system + using Rest to Paint and Make In solver different Textures(tip with solver in this Topic You can make texture like Flow in The edges easy and fast) and Other Stuff Sky its Limit . Tip if you combine script from this Topic for diff projection you can make some nice Fractal (sensitive to number).Tip if you use l-system with chops and Paint rest you can make Fractal City 20 sec. Have Fun. Fractals Paint and Texture Making.hiplc
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    Had the same problem with the same plugin. The liana exports fine but the stems and leaves are handled differently. Use a convert node to turn them into polys and then you'll be able to export them out. Hope that helps.
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    Solved by Peter Sanitra @ Redshift Render community facebook group. Uploading the updated hip file. So: 1. you have to compute the velocity of points before the boolean, then use a atribute transfer to transfer the velocity from that preboolean to the new boolean geo. 2. go to redshift per object parameters (OBJ level) - Settings - Render and activate Deformation Blur From Velocity Attribute , so you force redshift to compute the motion from your velocity atribute from points. Done! I hope my full morning investigation will be usefull for you guys! Keep growing! mberror_solved.hiplc
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    I know that this thread is much too old, but here is a file which fixes the issue. I have modified /obj/dopnet1/sourcevolume1/source_tempvel so that the vel volume is sourced properly even in a rotated domain. volumeOrientBUG_fix.hip