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    Just a simple rendering / tutorial for my patreons. Simple CC.
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    npoints('../curve1') is the expression you might be looking for.
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    The GasDisturb is an HDA so you can see what's going on inside, check the "vex" gasFieldVOP Threshold Range is just a remapping of density to 0-1 values VEX equivalent fit(f@density,thresholdmin,thresholdmax,0,1)
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    Hey there, I built a tool very similar to the Substance functionality. You can draw a line on a image and it turns it into a ramp parameter. https://richardcthomas.com/image-to-ramp Hope it proves useful!
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    How I made it work was to download: Then extract it in: Copy "qLib_package_windows.json" And paste it in packages: Open the "qLib_package_windows.json" file And adjust "QLIB": to where qLib-master is located:
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    to have less pain setting up the opengl rop to match the current viewport look, would be awesome to have one button like "copy render setting form actual scene view" it's always a struggle to make it match with the actual scene view !
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    Nvm , silly mistake, dont forget to crank up the Tessellation detail in the Display Options haaaa