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    Hi, there. I'm releasing an "early version" of a tool I've been working on. The Wormhole Content Browser is a custom UI for Houdini that enables quick browsing, previewing, and importing of content into Houdini. Some existing features: File browser within a pane tab for easy integration with your desktop. Access browser through parameter context menu to set parameter to a selected file. Easily generate geometry previews using the viewport or mantra. Thumbnails are cached to disk for quick access, especially for previously loaded large images. Import files into SOPs, COPs, or CHOPs. Plus more! Note: This tool is in development, but the functionality currently provided is complete. I am offering this version for free to get people to bang on it a bit. I will continue to fix bugs and make limited improvements to this version. I am planning on adding more features like improving workflow interactions with Houdini, and tools to search through content in a future version that may not be free. Here's a link to the gumroad project page: Wormhole Content Browser Peter.
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    It depends, but in most cases you're out of luck. Check the shelf source. If the dialog was created with hou.ui.createDialog(..) then it means there's a source code somewhere and you can lookup the parameter name and set it with hou.Dialog.value(). But I doubt Ocatane devs chose this way it most likely implemented in HDK. Your best bet would be to check if Octane provides some sort of Python API or maybe ask them directly.
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    with some experiments, I got it myself done. obj = hou.node('/obj') subnet = obj.createNode('subnet') subnet_tg = subnet.parmTemplateGroup() folder = hou.FolderParmTemplate('folder', 'Folder') trans = subnet_tg.find('t') rot = subnet_tg.find('r') scale = subnet_tg.find('s') subnet_tg.remove(trans) subnet_tg.remove(rot) subnet_tg.remove(scale) folder.addParmTemplate(trans) folder.addParmTemplate(rot) folder.addParmTemplate(scale) subnet_tg.append(folder) subnet.setParmTemplateGroup(subnet_tg)
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    Yeah, just check the docs. parm.rawValue() https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/hou/Parm.html
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    Here are the single passes for now:
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    Here's another approach.. also using VEX. The idea is to divide 1 with the number of line primitives, and modulo those to get a repeatable range that I could use for carving each primitive. Concept sketch: Houdini Indie 15.5.607 Mosplinelike_v2.hiplc
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    Thanks a TON for the detailed explanation. Just one thing: It means after the sim cache, I will re-size it right?