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    Sometimes Support is a bit tricky to be convinced that something is a bug. In this case you are both wrong - this has nothing to do with the constraints - in fact if you remove the constraints from the emission you'll still see the same problem. At the same time it cannot be considered as a bug, as the object is not set up correctly. Vellum sometimes need specific attributes to behave like expected. So the solution here is to add mass attribute and you are good to go. Just change Mass from "Unchanged" to "Set Uniform" for example and it should work.
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    With this work I tried to do a metalic monster with a inverse pipeline..the model exist from the rig, on this case a single line... that is completly procedural.
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    In case you need an example for the Houdini wrapper...
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    Maybe this will help https://www.toadstorm.com/blog/?p=722 P.S. It might be much easier to write a wrapper script for launching Houdini, instead of struggling with .env and packages
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    In houdini.env: HOUDINI_PATH=$HFS/houdini:/path/to/my_tools where my_tools is a directory that has a structure which houdini recognises (i.e otls, scripts folders etc )
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    vector pos_tex = set(X, Y, 0.0); vector geo_clr = uvsample(geo, 'Cd', 'uv', pos_tex); assign(R, G, B, geo_color); konstantin magnus thanks a bunch!
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    If you select the camera you can drag the red handles in the viewport to set up a crop on the camera for the rendered image. Then you just render to disk: