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    I wrote a custom render engine in COPs today. While 'engine' is probably a bit far fetched, it's a little ray tracer experimentally supporting: Meshes with UV coordinates Shading on diffuse textures Multiple point lights (including color, intensity, size) Area shadows and light attenuation Ambient occlusion Specular highlights Reflections with varying roughness The snippet basically transforms the pixel canvas to the camera position and shoots rays around using VEX functions like intersect() and primuv(). The rendering process only takes a few seconds. I still have to figure the licensing fees, though COP_render.hipnc
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    On the Local Scheduler under the 'Job Parms' tab, turn on 'Single'.
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    Hi everyone ! Today just bunch of Cute Red and Chubby little Hearts which joyfully bouncing ! I'm always too busy to do more ! But it was necessary to make a new video for Valentine's Day ! All objects modeling, animations, simulation, camera paths, have been made with Houdini v18.5.408 The calculation time of the Soft Body simulation with Houdini took around 5 hours with my AMD Ryzen 9 3900X (yes there was lots of hearts...) As always I used the REDSHIFT v3.0.35 to render, and also the NVIDIA Optix Denoiser to speed up rendering process ! To render the 5000 frames, with my new RTX3090 it took around 30 hours... https://youtu.be/B2Ez41vKy8A If you want to see more about my creation process, you can visit (and follow ) my dedicated Facebook page, where there are many screenshots and some explanations about the main steps of the making-of... https://www.facebook.com/3d.forever.funny.videos
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    Hi, you can use boolean with a big box for example and apply bevel on the abseams (if wanted). Here is an example needle.hipnc
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    The shear transformation can create an angle. needle.hipnc
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    If you unlock the popadvect node you will find a popvop inside. You can acces inputs in there and modify the popvop to match your desired effect.
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    - animation Mixer/Sequencer a la XSI/Maya - camera Mixer/Sequencer a la XSI/Maya - parallel rig evaluation like in Maya https://download.autodesk.com/us/company/files/UsingParallelMaya/2020/UsingParallelMaya.pdf - better outliner like in Blender/Maya , with ability to parent, organize, sort, rename all elements in your scene in a Hierarchical way without using the node tree. - nodal context to create GLSL viewport shaders from nodes + glsl wrangle like maya shaderfx or babylon.js editor - ability to export GLSL shading trees to UE/Unity - 2d post process in the OpenGL viewport [ bloom, grain, vignet, CC ] - reflection/light probe + screen space reflection for viewport - ROP openGL that actually work as expected with 100% viewport fidelity - MOPS kind of OTL integrated by default a la gamedevtool , but in the idea to have mographdevtool - COPS on steroid - CHOPS on steroid - do not force USD workflow by default let the choice to use it or not, small boutique might not need USD
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    here you are..(arrgggg...late by 1 minute....hey I had to do a screen print !!!) DissolveInside.hipnc