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    Hello everybody ! Today, it's a new Satisfying Video... Some Liquids animations in Slow Motion with a cool and nice music ! I think it's oddly satisfying to watch... I hope you like it anyway... Video Editing with Premiere Pro and it's old Fluids Simulations with FLIP Fluid in too many time... Renders times were so... long ! I don't remember exactly, but they took days of rendering with my old PC... It was before my new RTX (3090 + 2080Ti) cards, with "only" the GTX generation (1080 + 970) ! Don't forget to visit my "Behind The Scenes" page : https://www.facebook.com/3d.forever.funny.videos Have a lot of satifying with this new try... https://youtu.be/ZUI3IcLGZOY
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    @haki Use Inline code Ex from Fiola + you have here on Odforce(topic shader each day) + +++ allot more .You have here on odforce nice ex about that Topic. BookofShaders_Examples_v00.02.hiplc
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    sure, it depends what you trying to render. I was able to render some very large volumes in no time with Karma. Some other tests performed quite poorly on the other hand. Anyways, my main concern wasn't speed - more than anything else it was bugs, various glitches (in Karma and LOPs in general), stability issues and missing features that made me decide to wait for some time until Karma becomes more production ready. Having said that, I am sure Sidefx have been working hard and many things may have been improved in last few months (and I might want to have a fresh look at it). as for Redshift - RS certainly is one of the best GPU renderers today you can get your hands on. However, if you do a lot of heavy stuff, or you want to rely on procedural texturing, RS looses a lot from it's appeal.
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    Karma does work with the Indie license, but you may need to recover the render token. Here is an example scene that produces output on my machine. If you can't get it to work, contact support. ap_tyler_bay_shaderbot_v001.hiplc
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    As far as i know, Karma currently is not consistently faster than Mantra (means it is faster for some things, but can be even slower for different things). so far, my superficial experience with Karma made me put it aside for now, as it still seems to be a very unfinished product, unfortunately. i'm still very excited about Karma thou, and maybe Houdini 19 (or 19.5, 20, ...) will bring some significant updates to it's stability, speed, features and general user experience. Up to that time i'm gonna continue living in Mantra world. I have no solution for your "not being able to render stuff out" issue, but it sounds like Karma to me. Also, I hope to read some optimistic posts in this thread
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    What you're looking for is a SyncNodeVersion event handler.
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    By using the ch() VEX function(https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/functions/ch.html) or the Channel VOP.