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    Hi, not sure what you are trying to achieve, but if you want to detect the points with intersection rays, which are in the overlapping area, you can duplicate the geometry, add an offset to y and move each points slightly based on their point number in y-direction. Now you should be able to send a ray from the original point to y-direction with little offset from the starting point. here is a file intersect_all_overlap.hipnc
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    Just take a primitive wrangle: addpoint(0, v@P);
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    Could point deform work? Something like this: flip_remesh.hip
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    This seems to come up from time to time. The file above had too many errors when I opened it and it was missing some geo. Ideally you would want to get the two emitters in the same simulation together (if you can) for better interaction. To get two emitters with viscosity to work in the same simulation, you would just define your attributes in the sop level on your points using a wrangle. Just make sure you turn on the viscosity attributes on the flip solver. The attached file is using the method the OP was using which was simming one fluid (in his case the caramel), caching that out, and surfacing it to use in a second simulation (the chocolate). The viscosity settings in this file aren't based on anything and I just put some arbitrary numbers in for now. It is extremely low resolution because I didn't want to have to go through all the caching out. You can go into the second dopnet and press play to see this working. The switches on the emitter are just my quick way of turning off the emitter (probably could of been a bit more procedural in that regard). This should give you a start. flip_emitters_RB.hip