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    Having lived with this for years (for me since Houdini 12.5), I have recently begun to wonder if it is a viewport bug at all? It is definitely related to the display flag. I wonder if the geo/dop(guide) object gets stuck in memory, or the flag toggle gets inverted? Most of the times, deleting the entire scene view and creating a new one will fix it, but I have seen the bug persist even after trying that solution. Restart always seems to fix it until it appears again. I am less inclined to think it is drivers because I have experienced the same type of viewport error on different machines running different operating systems using different graphics hardware.
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    I don't think Linux distribution has anything to do with that. More likely it's hardware <--> drivers <--> Houdini interoperability. It's really pointless to compare studio's computer on CentOS with private's Win10 - unless they have exactly the same hardware and deal with the same files! (which as rarely the case) It's more likely, that your gtx 2080ti with recent drivers on Windows 10 works well with specific Houdini build viewport code while displaying not so many textures in test scenes, while studio computer floated with 8K/32bit textures fails miserably after Nvidia driver refuses to allocate buffer due to lack of VRAM, due to chrome's youtube allocating more VRAM, due to switching to higher resolution etc etc, and Houdini can't do anything other than NOT display texture. Aside of that, yes, glitches are annoying. Best way to deal with that is report a bug with as many specifics as possible.
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    use Render Geometry Settings LOP, it has Render Visibility and Is Matte properties
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    A caustics map generator rendered out in Karma using intersect() and refract(). caustics_map.hiplc
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    Hey David, Yes, the frustration is real! I experienced a *lot* of annoying display issues working at studios that used CentOS Linux when I didn't experience the same issues at other studios running Win10 or a different Linux OS. I also didn't experience those the same issues using Ubuntu or Win10 at home, so some operating systems seem more prone to issues than others. Updating drivers would sometimes help, as would adjusting the Display-> Geometry/Texture/Optimize settings, not to mention clearing caches out via the Cache Manager window. That seemed to help a little bit. However, there were many times I had to close viewport display panels and create new ones in order to clear out display bugs (ex: displayed geometry that wouldn't go away) and it wasn't just me - other users around me would see the same issues. Once in awhile, yes, I would have to just close Houdini and open a new session to get things to behave. It is definitely frustrating to encounter, but unless we were ever able to give steps on reliably reproducing the issue (we weren't), then couldn't really submit the issues to SideFX as a bug. I expect their advice for such issues would be the same steps I outlined above (and of course having a machine with lots of RAM, high-end Graphics card and processor, of course), but it couldn't hurt to post this query on the SideFX Forums for discussion where they would see it, either. TLDR; No "silver bullet" solution for display issues, but you are not alone, my friend!
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    Hi Matt, I can relate to that. The only way to even top this, might be finding your own postings really interesting and new after a few years ; )
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    Happy New Year! Version 0.4.1 of Wormhole Content Browser for Houdini has been released. This version adds support for the Python 3 version of Houdini 18.5 and a small bug fix. 0.4.1 Release Notes: Feature: Support for Python 3 version of Houdini 18.5. Fixed: Capture of selection highlight when generating preview with the viewport in certain cases. Additionally it seems that I didn't post the 0.4.0 update to odforce in November. Here is the missing information: Version 0.4.0 of Wormhole Content Browser for Houdini has been released. This version adds support for Houdini 18.5, initial drag & drop support, some miscellaneous usability additions, and some bug fixes. One issue users might have run into that still needs some work is the preview cache breaking after switching between certain Houdini versions (such as opening in 18.0 after 18.5). Sorry about that, I did not foresee that being an issue. This version addresses part of the problem by not crashing outright in this case and providing a path to using Content Browser even after this has happened. A future version will provide a better workflow surrounding this. 0.4.0 Release Notes: Feature: Support for Houdini 18.5. Feature: Initial drag and drop support from Content Browser into Network Pane. Files can currently only be dropped into a context that corresponds with the file type (i.e. geometry files can only be dropped into a SOP or LOP network). Keep in mind some of the managers (i.e. /img and /ch) are not actually subnet types so cannot take files dropped in them. Feature: (Houdini 18.0+) Drop files onto a LOP to create appropriate loader and connect it. Feature: Support for VDB files as generic geometry. Feature: (Houdini 18.0+) Support for USD files as generic geometry. Feature: (Houdini 18.0+) Import as USD action. Feature: Import as alembic action. Feature: (Houdini 18.0+) Create “Reference Image Object” from image. Improved: Use Houdini icons for various file types. Improved: Help avoid selecting custom SOP type and provide feedback when custom SOP type is invalid. Fixed: Various Import actions failing when Stage viewport is open. Fixed: Viewport renders failing when Stage viewport is open. Fixed: Crashes due to invalid or corrupt preview cache. Fixed: Error when rendering previews of a file that contains invalid geometry. Here's a link to the gumroad project page: Wormhole Content Browser Cheers!
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    Posting on forums after hours of unfruitful attempts is the best way to find an answer 2 minutes later by figuring the perfect search keywords or something like that. You shouldn't deny the power of this method.
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    Man, this is fun on a bun. This setup uses pops, interesting throwing different forces at it, seeing what the end result is. I can only make it work on a flat surface though; when I tried to ray or pop/crowd terrain it, it exploded. Maybe someone else can sort it out, its 1:30 and I should get to bed. curve_grow_pops.hipnc