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    you can change the hue like this. vector hsv = rgbtohsv(@Cd); hsv.x += chf("hue_offset"); @Cd = hsvtorgb(hsv); from the help: The hue will be in the range 0 to 1.
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    Looks good! Glad you've got it working. I mostly only deal with Houdini on the forum here and maybe some on the Houdini artist Facebook group. Leaving discord for casual chat with friends etc.
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    ok, thanku soo much, this really helped me alot, https://imgur.com/a/31yqRF8 https://imgur.com/a/RhmdWaa i made this btw, hope gonna learn soon about everything, which is not just productive but efficient too r u on discord? thanks
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    // clamp speed v@vel = normalize(v@vel)*min(length(v@vel),chf("max_vel"));
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    Looks like my HDA was also missing the Tools/Scripts, so adding back the objecttoolutils worked. Thanks for sharing!
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    Old thread, but I just encountered this problem. I was duplicating an hda, and I encountered behaviour like the above. Somehow the contents of the Tools/Script area was deleted. Entering the default script seemed to fix it: import soptoolutils soptoolutils.genericTool(kwargs, '$HDA_NAME')
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    I made a simple example (attached), hope that helps. bunker_distributed_flip_meshing_01.hipnc