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    @Alain2131Thank you kindly for your help. I should have clarified that this is a bit of a contrived setup as part of a learning exercise for compile blocks - I specifically want to learn how to reliably get them to work with complicated nested blocks. The generate_line_points wrangle was only created because I wanted to try plugging Block Begin into it, and the Line SOP doesn't have an input. That whole for each loop block is not required, and can be sorted with something simple like pscale, that will drive the line length as I need it. The Distance Along Geometry SOP just needs an internal named reference replaced with a spare input and it will compile. It's a minor oversight on SideFX's part; I've put in an RFE and they should fix it soon hopefully. Once again, thanks for your time, this forum is amazing.
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    Good art work! You can also make curves follow the mesh topology by choosing directions towards neighbour polygons. topo_flow.hipnc topo_flow_only_curvature.hipnc
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    if this with this, And I'm happy with This
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    Mantra ROP -> Rendering -> Render: Declare Materials: Save All Materials and Shaders
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    you can also just use UV Transform SOP: Transform Order: Trans Scale Rot Translate X: 0.5-$CEX Translate Y: 0.5-$CEY Scale X: 1/$SIZEX Scale Y: 1/$SIZEY Pivot XY: 0.5
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    Intersection Analysis Sop can get good results when used with Intersection Stitch Sop. DissolveInside_sy.hipnc
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