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    I'm not leaving anytime soon. It was 2002 when I found this place, I was a lurker for a few years before making and account and saying a word. I think it was the Apprentice edition combined with 3DBuzz free training + 3D World magazine that got me here. Such an exciting feeling i had knowing absolutely nothing. Nowadays, i now know what i don't know...... which is still a lot! But I use Houdini everyday for work while many of my colleagues are still forced to use Maya, and I think this place is partly responsible for that in creating a truly creative community that embraces the sharing of knowledge, one that has never devolved into petty drama (which often happens with old school forums etc). Thanks Marc for making this place, i dont think i would have a career using Houdini if i didnt have help from the amazing people here. SESI have their official forums (as they should), but this is THE Houdini community for me and many others. Here's to another 20 years.
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    actually, i was wondering about doing the same thing not too long ago, when I needed to do a camera timewarp. see the hip file bellow. in short, you need to extract a camera transform into an oriented point (with N, up, and all that jazz), and then use rivet_SOP to drive other objects around with this point transform. works quite well for me. cheers. camera_timewarp.hiplc
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    Hi Im getting nutz.. I built the Hoover Dan, in construction in 1932 Colorado, entirely procedurally in Houdini, All went fine until I started to do test rendering in Redshift with something different than a basic material with no texture. I only use 2 differents materials, no displacement or anything fancy for now, quixel surface, and now Redshift is extremely SLOWWWWW to start showing the first pixel… like 8 time slower, more than 30min to start, or don’t even start sometimes… What could I do ? What could be the issue? Idea? Please help, I have no much hair left ! ________________________________________________________________ Vincent Thomas (VFX and Art since 1998) Senior Env and Lighting artist & Houdini generalist & Creative Concepts http://fr.linkedin.com/in/vincentthomas
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    There's a post FX tab on the render rop that has tick boxes for baking in certain settings from the RV (Like LUTs, Bloom, or CM). The RV shows you what your linear picture will look like when baked to sRGB (the screenshot you posted). It's just a view-transform. Your picture is still linear just viewing it in sRGB. The color picker can be changed, either sRGB or Linear will be correct, I don't know which though!
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    Alex! I'm still here.
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    Hi, There are several ways: your geo is small. Scale it up or decrease collision pudding value in RBD packed object but then because your chunks are too small you'll may run into issues in the future such as frozen pieces of your geo or when they pass through each other. But maybe not. Try and you'll see.
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    Realised I'd attached the springs to the upper wishbone instead of the main chassis!. Updated gif and hipnc attached@: suspension10.hipnc