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    Hi! I just released Simple Tree Tools 2.0. This is a huge update! Please enjoy https://gum.co/SimpleTreeTools
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    It's been a long and illustrious carreer. I think this website has been going for ~23 years now. Time flies when you're having fun
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    Use a GuideProcess node with the operation mode SetLength. Activate the Randomize check box. What is nice a bout this node is that it works on any lines in Houdini, not just hair.
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    please check file with endless pos in this LIB https://github.com/Fe-Elf/FeELib-for-Houdini
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    You just need to click on "Copy Cutting Surface Attributes" on the Boolean fracture and put uv in the Vertex Attributes. I believe the Boolean Fracture sop tries to do its own uv jazz on the inside which is why you are getting distorted uvs like this. By clicking the copy on, it should just bypass all that and use the incoming from your cutting planes. Also, not quite sure why you have the extrude volume sop in there as it doesn't really do anything for cutting in this case.
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    Hi all, I recently did a discussion about this for The Rookies | Rebelway FX challenge. I used a Python SOP to extract some useful data from the alembic cameras provided with the scene. alembicCamScript.py #add this code to a python sop to extract transform data from an amembic cam #extract the world transform of the alembic xform node & mult the 4x4 matrix by a origin vector #note --> the .node("path") is an absolute ref to the target alembic node camPos = hou.Vector3(0,0,0) * hou.node('/obj/alembicArchive/alembicXform').worldTransform() #creating a look nml by offseting the vec (-1 along the z-axis) camLookPos = hou.Vector3(0,0,-1) * hou.node('/obj/alembicArchive/alembicXform').worldTransform() camLookDir = (camLookPos - camPos).normalized() #binding data to geo #.pwd() is a method for getting the active directory geo = hou.pwd() #setting detail attribs onto the geo #creating two detail attribs (camPos & lookDir) geo.addAttrib(hou.attribType.Global, "camPos", camPos) geo.addAttrib(hou.attribType.Global, "lookDir", lookDir) #alternivivley uncommment this code to add a point attrib #pnt = geo.createPoint() #pnt.setPosition(camPos) #pnt.setAttributeVAlue('N', lookDir)
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    @Max_Steven combine, maybe you gonna find some tricks FlowerDETaIL.hiplc
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    @Lampay links 1 sidefx tut 0 2 sidefx tut 1 3 everything that you need to model ...+ more ...bricks endless files muchoss and combine that is all that I could find . Have Fun..
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