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    Hi, I haven't explore kinefx with the reverse foot set-up but have you checked this tutorial? This was just released today
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    So...sorry for the "OUPS post just before". If some are curious about the result of "my crushing decimals string approach". Please find the VEX below : Plug any geo, create the slider decimalsTrim and test. float floatCrushing(float myFloat; int decimal) { //VAR INIT: float crushedFloatValue = -9999; string crushedStringValue = ""; //CRUSHING : string stringizeMyFloat = sprintf("%s",myFloat); int match_science_notation = match("*e-*", stringizeMyFloat); if(!match_science_notation) { //CRUSH THE STRING VALUE : int byteSize = strlen(stringizeMyFloat); for(int byte=0; byte < byteSize; byte++) { crushedStringValue += stringizeMyFloat[byte]; if(stringizeMyFloat[byte] == ".") byteSize = byte + 1 + decimal; } crushedFloatValue = atof(crushedStringValue); } else { //KEEP CURRENT VALUE : crushedFloatValue = atof(stringizeMyFloat); } return crushedFloatValue; } //TEST ON point "P" : vector anyVector = {0,0,0}; for(int chan = 0; chan < 3; ++chan) anyVector[chan] = floatCrushing(@P[chan], chi("decimalsTrim")); @P = anyVector; The goal was to start from High definied geo to harsh geo in a "minecraft" way or 80's CGI. Here normal Geo Here one decimal Geo. As well add a fuse at the end. Change the code to make it works on single float or else, you can also "crush" any Cd vector or noise or else. And sorry for my "OUPS question ^^". If you find any use for you, it is cool. (on my side i needed it hehe^^). Good evening, Thank you, bests, alr + + +
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    I encounter a similar problem. The @Cd.r > 0 condition only blast first primitive. The reason is very silly: I put spaces in the expression. Removing space (writing as @Cd.r>0, no spaces in between) fixes it.
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    I just wish we can select/edit multiple points at a time in Curve Node. It's been so many years, the Curve Tool in Houdini still sucks.
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    vex version create attribute wrangle , connect nothing run over > detail(only once) add below code //create parameters; float turns = ch("turns"); float length = ch("length"); int count = chi("point_count"); vector pos; float mask; float rad; float radRamp; float radmult = ch("rad"); pos = 0; for (int n; n<count ; n++){ mask = (n/float(count)); radRamp = chramp("radius_ramp",mask); radRamp = fit(radRamp,0,count,0,1); rad = radRamp * radmult * 1000; pos = set(sin(mask*turns)*rad,-cos(mask*turns)*rad,mask*length); addpoint(0,pos); } create add sop set to polygon > by group Thanks!