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    This might help, in some cases. Divide SOP, Remove Shared Edges, and then Fuse with original. At least Divide SOP might expose to you, where the holes are, and take care of them separately?
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    Have you tried the Convex Decomposition SOP? It can close up holes, at the cost of sacrificing some of the original shape if you push too hard on Max Concavity.
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    Thanks a lot @Killswitch! As I was working with the sop rbdtools, for some reason, the approach did not work out. Solution was to setup a complex set of constaints for several prim groups. But, as I am so eager to learn and had an older version of my project that I built entirely in dop. I tested your approach as well. Took some time, but it worked. Thanks a lot.
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    Adding this because it's the first post that comes up on Google. So even though it's old maybe it will help someone. The problem is that often your primitive numbers get scrambled in the simulation as houdini adds new primitives on fracturing,etc. Disconnected faces then looks up the prim number of the matching face, but ends up looking up the wrong face because the numbers are all different. Since it's statistically very unlikely that this random face is touching, it doesn't delete anything. The solution is to use an Enumerate SOP before you pack your simulation geo. This will count through the primitives and save the number in any old variable, say "primindex". Then after your sim and after you unpack it, you can use a Sort SOP to sort by attribute and sort by "primindex". And voila, now your prim numbers are back to original and set Disconnected Faces SOP to delete connected and you're in business.
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    Have Fun 3 Novi2Lilly14.hipnc
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    Everything is based on Chops and ratio of points and vertices, there are 9 (shapes) variations of endless (trillion) patterns. Combine with music (different freq or just regular wave) or just have fun with math. Splines that can easily manipulate and with this modeling is relatively simple.
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    This might help get you where you want to go (probably much more clever ways to do this), but this is how I'd approach the problem. There are a few things happening here (uses some ideas mentioned on other point-to-prim-center threads too): Point Generate SOP to add the points, avoiding the creation and deletion of geometry in a wrangle (to create/delete geometry, at some point VEX has to stop threading to do those operations), which probably only matters on larger geometry, but good to be aware of In a Point Wrangle, move the points to their corresponding primitive position Split apart primitives using Facet SOP, with the Unique Points toggle on After the particle sim, use Primitive SOP to transform the primitives using the particle network Group and delete primitives whose corresponding particle is dead You probably would be safer to setup an attribute dedicated to the particle-primitive relationship, but hopefully this helps a bit! addpoint_perprim_modified.hipnc
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    With a little help from Erik himself, I finally managed to make this effect work for me. Now implementing it into the scene. Thanks a lot Erik! Here`s the node tree to anyone who`s interested Janis