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    Hi, i released my first Tool for Houdini. Asset Handler is a Python Panel for SideFX Houdini that allows easy creation and access HDAs from a Library. 00:07 HDAs General Handling 01:57 HDRI 02:30 RS-Proxies 03:30 Aixterior Assets & Scattering 09:15 Megascans Assets 11:23 Examples https://www.enoni.de/wp/asset-handler/
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    Visible voxels means you have pushed density to the maximum. It's like clipping audio, after passing the red line on the meter all you hear is distortion. Try cutting your density in half inside a volume wrangle. @density *= 0.5; Alternately, add more dissipation to remove density. Also conduct some test renders. Sometimes the viewport is misleading.
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    Worry not, the color is a simple fix. If there was an age attribute, you can color the points in post using 'color by range' option in the color SOP. That way if you prefer to make changes to the color you wouldn't have to re-sim everything. Vellum doesn't have an age attribute, at least not to my knowledge but then again I might be wrong. Basically, we have to implement a custom age attribute which can be done with a pop wrangle inside the DOP Network, incrementing the age by one time-step each time the solver is run. I am not sure if the fuse SOP is required after the resample SOP. The vellum post-process SOP has an inbuilt 'apply welds' option that takes care of it. Infact I would advice not to use the fuse SOP becasue if the points get too close it might end up fusing the adjacent rings together. As for the weird shading problem, it's because of the MOPS falloff node. It might be at the border of one of the falloff colour bands. Here is the file for your reference. Hope this fixes all the problems. ring emitter_MODIFIED.hip
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    There were a few little things wrong in your approach. First, don't copy stamp. Copy stamping is dead. Second, you need to create a string attribute for the Material SOP to override... Redshift is dumb and their texture sampler doesn't have an actual parameter for the texture path that you can override, so you have to instead manually create a spare parameter on the Material Builder, and then channel reference the RS Texture Sampler to follow that attribute. Then you can tell the Material SOP to override that value, after the copies are made. The override is meant to apply to the finished objects; you don't need to do anything before the copy operation other than create your range of random texture values. Here's your file back with the changes made. Wall_paper_02_toadstorm.hip
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    Hi! I just released Simple Tree Tools 2.0. This is a huge update! Please enjoy https://gum.co/SimpleTreeTools
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    Why do magicians pull rabbits out of hats? Full environment for making any living microorganisms (Microbes and Environment).."Message". https://gumroad.com/houd
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    I created this as a camera lock indicator: