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    Here is a way using the bullet solver to handle collisions copy_to_point_without_intersection_1.hiplc
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    newton's law and try to use this it works function float Kernel(vector r ; float h){ float q = length(r); q /= h; float factor = 1.0f / (PI * h * h * h ); if( q>0 && q<=1){ float right = 1.0f - 1.5f * (q * q) * (1.0f - q/ 2.0f) ; return factor * right; } if(q >1 && q <=2 ) { float left = factor / 4.0f; float right = pow(2.0f - q , 3); return left*right; } if(q>2) { return 0; } return 0; } function vector GradKernel(vector r; float h){ float q = length(r); q /= h; vector dir = normalize(r); float factor = 1.0f / (PI * h * h * h ); vector retgrad = set(0,0,0); if( q<=1){ retgrad = dir * (factor / h) * (-3.0 * q + 2.25f * q*q); } if( q<2){ retgrad = dir * (-0.75f * (factor / h) * pow((2.0f - q),2) ); } return retgrad; } float h = chf("h"); @P.y = Kernel(@P, h); @N = GradKernel(@P, h); NewtonsLaw.hiplc
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    Hi! I've made this simple file that you can use to understand how the mask works. The mask is a point attribute called "noise" (you can change it in the tab "Noise Mask" in the cloud noise), it controls the noise amplitude, so you can choose where the noise is stronger or where it doesn't affect you cloud. cloud_mask.hipnc
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    Hi . https://entagma.com/quick-vdb-clouds/
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    Maybe help u Masoud Ripple Solver_02.hip
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    I've been a bit too busy to work on Part2 just yet, but feel free to ask questions here.
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    Anyone coming to this in 2019 (like me), in houdini 18. I just dropped down a fuse node and checked "match attribute". You can disable/enable snap distance too.
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    I realized if I turn OFF the " Linetype Generation" option in AutoCAD, the problem will be solved. So in AutoCAD: 1) type "PEDIT" 2) Press "M" for multiple selection 3) Select all lines 4) Select "Ltype gen" 5) type "OFF" 6) Press " Enter " twice. 7) Save your file 8) Enjoy.
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    Excellent work, excited to see the finished short! I'm always amazed by folks like yourself that can keep long-term focus going on a project like this and actually finish it. Funny on the turning 40 thing, I'm in the same boat, and was also getting pretty bored after using 3DSMax since v1. I've attached a setup I'm playing around with that might give you some ideas. Needs more work to be sure and there are probably better ways to achieve this, but it's a start. Be warned that it will want to cook the entire 100 frames no matter what frame you're on, due to a time shift node I have in there. Let me know if you have any questions about the setup... Can't help ya with the sprite rendering unfortunately, but isn't there a sprite SOP as well? May need to figure that out to actually render the sprites. --Dave DStewart_GrainsUpresExample.hip