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    a few thing you need to do to render -Make sure you have the lights contributing to the volume -Be sure that you have a volume shader connected to an output -Make sure that you are using the correct channels from the pyro output -Play with the advanced tab and remap your values if you need to -If you are using the pyropostprocess delete the shop_material (however I can remember if that was introduced in 18 or 18.5) That should do it theoracally Other than that upload a .hip would be easier to see what is happening.
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    From your top screenshot, it looks like you just want to render the VDB volumes, correct? If so, then you don't need to enable the Environment option in the Redshift settings, this is a global volume, and isn't required to render VDB volumes. Just ensure you have a volume shader applied to the VDB, and that Volume Scale is set to 1 for any lights that you want to affect the volume. From there, adjust the density scatter and absorption scales of the shader to dial-in the look of the volumes. And if you want, under the Advanced section, you can set the shadow density higher which sometimes helps with shaping the volumes.
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    I think the vector merge can only merge VDBs, so reversing the order of convertVDB and vectormerge should do the trick Also, you might want to set the vector type on the vectorMerge to the correct type (i think it's called displacement/vel/acceleration) so it gets interpreted correctly in some other operations
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    Hi, I am currently looking into building a rig for putting a object into a flowing river. now the problem is three fold. 1) the main problem is that the river is pretty damn flat, 1 degree decline max. 2) its a big area 60 meters long, 50 wide 3) the river is moving very slow now naturally i could simply animate the collision geo against the flow at the speed i want the river to flow and then counter animating the cache post sim. that way i would get the interaction with the object the way it should be. now the problem is that i only get the interaction that way, and would never get the feeling of a flow in areas where there is no collision objects. I tried a few things, sourcing new particles on one side while a continues force at the bottom of the river pushes the water. I tried grabbing the particles that will leave the put them to the start of the container, making a infinite loop kind of tank. The problem with all of those is that I loose water. basically the longer the sim runs the lower the water level will be. In the end of the day I will want to be able to take a flat tank at any size and just have the water run through it at any speed with out loosing water. If anyone has any suggest I would highly appreciate hearing about them Cheers, Juri
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    You'd use sprintf like this in this situation (i think..). string s = sprintf("%g",f@class);
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    Carve SOP. Fist U : 0 Second U : 1 Breakpoints : Cut At all Internal U Breakpoints