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    Things that would make life easier: 1. Reorder multiparam blocks (like this) 2. Bezier curves on ramps 3. VEX multi-dimensional arrays (arrays of arrays...) 4. Solaris network snapshot gallery in SOPS 5. Upgrade COPS so that Houdini can compete with Substance Designer... 6. Destructive modelling suite 7. Fix Touch Designer integration
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    The dop node path on your Dop Import Fields SOP should be either a relative or absolute path: ../dopnet1/smoke or /obj/pyro/dopnet1/smoke will get the correct rest ratios in your case
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    shader ,Play with freq in uniNoise.Have Fun IceCracks.hiplc
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    Play with this, sorry for errors I use Houdini 16.5. You can implement this on the explosion toon_v15.zip toon_smoke_final.hip www.linkedin.com/pulse/toon-explosion-houdini-seyed-morteza-kamali?trk=portfolio_article-card_title
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    here you go. scene file in attachment. pattern_example.hiplc