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    this we gonna use soon in Chops for Patterns on Skin (by for-each in Chops). PAttNatOdforce.hiplc
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    You dont export from the arnold volume node. Point your ROP to a geo node with the vdb in it. gb_arnold_export_ass.hip
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    Triangulate2D node with "restore original point positions" activated.
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    @amin.khormaei you have files on gitHUb https://mattebb.cargo.site/Black-Hole
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    If you need the result in SOPs it's probably more performant and convenient to just stay in SOPs. So you would move the tracing procedure from the COP's canvas to a SOP's grid and use findattribval() to check which primitives have been hit, like so: SOP_trace_prim_IDs.hipnc
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    You can use abc.alembicTimeRange(abcPath) From: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/hom/abc_extensions.html Alembic doesn't use frames, but stores animations in seconds so you'll have to do some conversion using $FPS or something.