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    I have a little challange for you guys: How to interpolate a transformation matrix of an instance point in a non linear fashion? Here is a file for you to give it a try. interpolate_transforms.hiplc
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    Hi VFX people. I have recently found out that my passion is 3D CG, specifically VFX. I've been spending the past 4 months sitting at home by my PC learning all I can about 3D CG and exploring different fields, testing what I like and what I don't. I noticed that I really like learning Houdini and want to become better at it but I doubt I'm going to be able to become "job-ready" and hireable within a year or two if I study on my own. I can't just sit at home learning from YouTube videos cause many people look down on me for doing so. I looked up some VFX schools and found that I really like ArtFX in France but it's expensive cause I'm from Latvia. I would have to pay for not only tuition but also the living cost and the student apartment as I don't have any friends or relatives that live in France. I have calculated that approx. cost for 5 years would be 100k EUR. My family has some money saved but I would still need to take like 20-40k as a student loan to finish my studies. The price is kind of shocking to me but also seems to be worth it as they have equipment and tools I don't have access to - green screen rooms, cinema cameras and accessories, educational software, renderfarms, art gear. Another bonus is that I would have an interesting life as I would be somewhere else other than Latvia. It's getting really boring here. I have been in my house for 3 months without going outside, just trying to focus more on learning 3D but I'm not progressing as fast as I would like to. So what I would want to ask is if it's worth it to go to a VFX specialized school that would give me a good, solid experience and probably get me a job later on or should I just keep staying inside and trying to get better? Maybe I should just blow the money on traveling? The experience would be good but after the money is gone in like 2 years I would have no future. I'm really lost here. I hope someone gives me some advice, I really need it. Thank you for reading this.
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    Sorta dodging your question really, but I found you can cheat this by getting 3 samples ($F, $F-0.5, $F-1) and feeding them to a sequence blend shape with cubic interpolation enabled. interpolate_transforms_via_blendshape.hiplc
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    There's no reliable way to slerp matrices as far as I know, typically people will convert the rotation to quaternion then slerp. You can then store the result as a matrix by converting from quaternion back to matrix. This example shows a lerp of the translates, scales and slerp of rotations with the result converted back to matrix.