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    Hi, in your case Constraint Network DOP imports constraints from SOP on each frame because the SOP is time dependent. You can overwrite position of constraints' anchors in the Sop Solver DOP like in the file i attached. Break_Animated_Cst_01.hipnc
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    !!! This is it! I'm so excited to reveal my Houdini Tutorial, with monstrous 38 hours recorded materials. This tutorial aims to houdini artists who would like to learn new techniques in procedural creation of geometry, volumetric, animation, complex pyro simulation and meet closer with a new Karma XPU render engine. For odforce members a special 20% discount! Please use discount code: FFFS071 GET IT HERE: https://fxforfun.gumroad.com/l/subject071
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    Jason Harmon.. trig grains audio Chops audiotrigF01.hiplc
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    I worked my way through Edmond's tutorial on how to allow flip droplet particles to escape their boundary. The nodes modified inside of the unlocked HDAs are marked in RED. ap_flip_droplets_escape_021622.hiplc