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    Not sure what was wrong with your setup but here is a working file. Next time add a HIP file, makes it easier to figure out what was going wrong. Copy Node Alignment.hiplc
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    Damn, that is really close, thank you so much. Always great to find a simpler approach. Much appreciated and I am a huge fan of your wiki, been using it for years. Keep up the great work!
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    press d on viewport, display options->Markers->Boundaries
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    Working fine here .589. Try this package 00_Redshift.json
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    Avoided the chops question, but sorta emulated the vibe with an attribute noise and some remapping of values. extrude_animate_noise.hip
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    Most likes get this little Toy..( I have everything for this little toy, it comes with a laptop with rhino (convert artcam- self coded converter from ronald to NC)...Materialize,Geomagic and original programs for Imodela ) ..Have Fun.. Thanx to @ch3 for hda for those who have axidraw. 'winner pays shipment' only with hip files end ( 1 june) 2022.
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    Thank you so much, Jim! I managed to make it work (more or less:) ) using vellumconstraintproperty. Was trying to wrap my head around sop solver method when a message from you came. This was my first question on this forum and you made it into a really pleasant experience, what a great community! thank you again animate pin to target2.hipnc
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    !!! This is it! I'm so excited to reveal my Houdini Tutorial, with monstrous 38 hours recorded materials. This tutorial aims to houdini artists who would like to learn new techniques in procedural creation of geometry, volumetric, animation, complex pyro simulation and meet closer with a new Karma XPU render engine. For odforce members a special 20% discount! Please use discount code: FFFS071 GET IT HERE: https://fxforfun.gumroad.com/l/subject071
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    I worked my way through Edmond's tutorial on how to allow flip droplet particles to escape their boundary. The nodes modified inside of the unlocked HDAs are marked in RED. ap_flip_droplets_escape_021622.hiplc
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    Hi Carlos, As far as I remember this geometrical model assumes infinite waves. However, for practical reasons it's good to have it disappearing. I've made updated version, check "Max Distance" parameter. ssh_kelvin_wake_v02.hipnc