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    - I will renew my request for the third year a tag based search in wrangle save presets - Less viewport bug please! I have quite often to close the viewport and open it again. - If an OpenCL node reaches max GPU Ram, my all workstation station and everything running should be corrupted my all station and everything running. - Ok, here the purist will cry at me and try to shot me . Im totally addicted to Houdini but im a little frustrated that in Blender you could do this (Video attached ) in a smoother way without having to read 2 books and write python viewer state, then having to send all data to Solaris and so on... Even people from Sidefx admitted yes, they have been a little late actually it's great to be able to dive and hard code anything you need, but today speed and flow is also as important... To be honest, i have been too much busy lately to make tools for my client between Houdini and Unreal, and didn't investigate much in working with Karma and how powerful and practical you could work in the shader level with all SOP data easily accessible, and be able to preview quickly most checkpoint of your shader, but i expect great care in both directions and obviously new milestone to the promising Karma XPU.. - Cops, Chops need an update and performance boost... - Quad meshing... But i think last time you have something great coming so hope. - More solid link with Substance as for now it's a bit useless, and Unreal engine v3. ________________________________________________________________ Vincent Thomas (VFX and Art since 1998) http://fr.linkedin.com/in/vincentthomas ms4.mp4.mp4
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    Do not need anything of that anymore btw. Just use Bifrost Graph and export them as pts from H. It will bring all attributes, etc.