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    Peter Quint's old Particle Leaves video did a great job of explaining this; it used the Copy SOP, but the principles are (should be) the same (can't be embedded, unfortunately):
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    @N its a direction and its align with Z axis of the object. Up vector align with Y axis of the object. Base on it you can create orientation of the N and Up and object in origin point.
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    I combined the Entagma flip melting tutorial with Sadjad Rabiee's fluid morph to produce this wax melting combination. I have added additional controls (check tooltips) to the popwrangle inside the DOPNetwork for better control over the "flow" of the simulation. I also added in the flatten flip surface nodes once the surface becomes too thin. This offers a more natural look as the fluid spreads out. You may receive a font error if you don't have "Candara Bold" installed on your system. Simply chose another font in the black/bold style (non-serif works best) ap_ntag_font_melt_FLIP.hiplc
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    if(s@hitpath == "op:/obj/geo1/popnet:0"){ @Cd = {0,1,0}; } else{ @Cd = {1,0,0}; } Use s@hitpath to make sure the if statement is testing against a string attribute. And use quotes to define your path. I've included a file of my own that has particles changing color depending on their collider object. collision_behaviour.hip