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    Effectively It seem Profil pages UI as get some change. By curiosity I try to see all post I started and I get nothing before November 2021. Wich is obviously not true. But viewing another user, say librarian :), I can't find the filter "threads started only" either. And the button "see more" wich is at the bottom of my profil posts page, is not present on the librarian page... who have post much much more that we can see now. It was far more simple before, or we miss something.
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    The purple box represents the bounds of the simulation, anything inside that box is what gets simulated. Go the flipsolver node and under the 'Volume Motion' tab open the 'Volume Limit' tab, from there you can toggle off the preview of the box as well as control the sizing. You can also use this bounding box as a collider, click on the fluid object node and toggle 'Closed Boundaries'. If you wish to only see the melting cube while also playing with parameters, you can pin the viewport to the obj level. Go back to the obj level and toggle off the display of the AutoDOP node, and only keep the display on the 'box_object1_fluid' node. After that click on the pin icon (see image) to pin this viewport. Now if you go inside the AutoDOP again the viewport won't change and you'll be able to play with parameters while also viewing the mesh version of the melting cube.
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    Dive inside the hda and do an attribute transfer from the pop sim. Hip attached. pyrospread_from_pops_001.hip