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    With this kind of FX, I would recommend creating the curves over the surface directly and then mesh them after, rather than trying to deform arbitrary mesh onto the body geometry.
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    @Thoi, If your source geometry has overlapping parts, it will not work, because the ray function will not find an intersection point. But using different directions for each point (from xyzdist()) may work in some cases, but sometimes it creates a totally mess (even if you smooth the directions). For example if the diameter of your source geometry is much bigger than the diameter of the target geometry (local parts) it is not possible, to map the source directly onto the target using (nearly) straight directions. Even if you are trying to bend the source around the target, there are limitations.
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    If you're just doing vines across a body, you might want to use the ray node to project the underlying curves onto the body, then generate the mesh along those conformed curves. This approach might preserve the volume of the mesh a little better as well.