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    Physically Based Rendering - the book - is free and online as of today: http://www.pbr-book.org ...and while talking about knowledge, another good place to gather some of it: Filament docs - very comprehensive knowledge base about PBR (theoretically for realtime engine, practically doesn't matter): https://google.github.io/filament/Filament.md.html
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    Hi folks, I am new here, the name is Dennis and I am a Dutch new user of Houdini and I have to say what a great piece of software and what a valuable forum this is, so thanks everyone for contributing, you will make me sleep better! I already have solved some software issues I had because of ODForce.
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    Hi I made a simple adjustment to your setup based on what I think the drape workflow should be, I also reduced the cloth thickness as it was to large for the scale of this character. Js ap_basic_vellum_drape_vest_js.hipnc
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    Kinda depends doesnt it? If you know zero about any 3d application, I guess the learning curves is similar. Might even be easier in Houdini because you know what happens at all times. However if you first learn the maya way of thinking, Houdini will be harder because you already have a different mindset - and vice versa. Learning new stuff isnt the hard part, changing what you already know is.
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    Maybe someone will be interested in testing something new. Here in Russia(for this reason render is still little known), a group of people develop new GPU biased+unbiased render(it's absolutely free and open source https://github.com/Ray-Tracing-Systems/). Some features: - Standalone core implemented. - Hydra API. - Plug-in для Autodesk 3ds Max 2017-2019. - OpenCL = GPU + CPU. - PT (path tracing), IBPT (bidirectional PT). - Post processing. - Render elements. There is a version for 3dsmax,Blender's version is already being tested. People wrote to the developers about Houdini's version(that it would be relevant), and they said that they would consider this. Unfortunately, the site is only in Russian,but this does not stop from downloading(especially with google translate). http://www.raytracing.ru/ http://www.raytracing.ru/gallery.html https://www.facebook.com/hydrarenderer https://www.youtube.com/user/RayTracingSystems/videos https://vk.com/hydrarenderer
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    10,350 3D printable scanned sculptures: https://www.myminifactory.com/scantheworld/