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    promote the pt attrib to prim ? can't remember how i exactly did this but look here, footprint fx:
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    All of the light presets have the "uber" ASAD Lights shader bind to them by default. You can find ASAD Light in the SHOP context. If you right-click the ASAD node and select "Type Properties" and open the Code tab you'll find the lights shader code for all the standard lights in one shader. You can override this shader by attaching the "shop_lightpath" rendering property to a standard light object and set it to point to your own light shader. You can create light shaders with Light Shader builder in SHOP for example. Remember that light and shadow shaders are two separate things and sometimes you need to create the both. In this case you'd also attach the "shop_shadowpath" rendering property and set you shadow shader as well.
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    20 mins per frame? in mantra? or red shift? nah, thats insane!!! not worth it, i really think that sesi should work more on the shaders department, subsurface and indirect lighting needs to be faster and cleaner, even with the clean sampling workflows you shouldnt end with a 20 min render...