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    Should it not be "Output - sRGB" and not "utility-sRGB-texture"?
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    How did he do that knot; that is quite impressive.
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    Tidied things up a bit, faster to sim, less substeps, thicker knot and rope. Less popping but still a few issues, will see if its the sim or the point deformer. Any suggestions? Added a little twist to the polyWire to do some actual geo threads. HIM_Vellum_Rope_v014.hipnc
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    Whats wrong with vellum? Had to go and do it the hard way. Far from perfect, tough to get no stretching without tons of substeps, etc. And Point Deform doesn't seem to be best way to go but a good start. HIM_Vellum_Rope_v007.hipnc