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    You should look at space colonization algorithm, with seeds on the planes of your target geo, and maybe modifying a bit the algo to get those very geometrical forms (not very organic) : https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/space-colonization-using-pdg/ And these as well :
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    Hi, your second version is OK. Just in the attribute vop multiply a normalized vector by "offset" value of polyexpand2d sop.
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    Heres a quick and dirty setup of the concept Toad was talking about. scatterbox_01.hiplc
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    You can cluster per piece by making sure copy numbers are matching between primitives and cluster points. // primitive wrangle int pts[] = nearpoints(1, v@P, 1.0); i@cluster = -1; foreach(int pt; pts){ if(point(1, 'copynum', pt) == i@copynum){ i@cluster = pt; break; } } voronoi_per_piece.hipnc
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    also if you have bones that you don't want to deform, just want them to deform muscles you can add them as external colliders to detangle penetration_removal_detangle2.hip
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    Just to show the blender heads how it's done ; ) I have created a tutorial on modeling a procedural donut and chose this place for posting the (updated) hip file. donut.hipnc
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    while you can perfectly use Sopsolver and do it on your own probably easier is to use POP Source, since it already has many options you may want just set Emission Type to All Geometry, then you can type creation rule (like $FF%3==0) directly in Inpulse Activation, use velocity/attribute inheritance, ids etc as well to avoid multisolver, use RigidBody Solver which uses it internally so you'll get nice pre and Post-solve inputs to plug POP Source to, simple and efficient ts_emitpacked_popsource.hip
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    Try this... Put down a measure SOP and set it to measure the perimeter of your curves. After that a primitive wrangle and write. #include <groom.h> adjustPrimLength(0, @primnum, @perimeter, @perimeter*@dist); groom.h is a included file containing some functions used in the grooming tools and one of the functions is... void adjustPrimLength(const int geo, prim; const float currentlength, targetlength)
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    Side Effects Software is proud to bring you our new sidefx.com web site. Over the last few years, Houdini has changed and evolved, however, the same could not have been said for our website or our corporate image. Therefore we set out to re-work our Side Effects Software and Houdini logos to define a cleaner, more classic, look. While the new logos make use of elements from the old logos, they better represent the sophistication and accessibility of our technology and our people. The web site has always been an extension of our product and a focal point for our community. To better represent the richness of these important elements in our culture, a new website with a modern content management system was called for. This gives visitors better access to information while our new faster server will provide a more robust and dynamic experience overall. With a dynamic website in place it will be easier for us to develop content. Community tools such as the free Apprentice Edition of Houdini , the Houdini Exchange and the Forum have one-click access and a unified login system. We will be adding more to all our community and learning pages in the days and weeks to come. Please let us know what would be helpful for you. We would also appreciate any feedback on how the site works in your browser. Please send any issues to webmaster@sidefx.com. Houdini is all about creating great art therefore it was important that the site feature Houdini-created images. To start, the site profiles the artwork of artist Floyd Gillis. The sophistication of his organic compositions of simple geometric shapes represent for us everything that Houdini stands for. Look for his work on the upcoming Houdini 8 splash screen and in the art gallery at SIGGRAPH. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the web site and to you for being a part of our community which is the heart of our new site. Special thanks to Floyd Gillis for his stunning images and to Underline Studio for defining our new look. Robert Magee Senior Product Specialist, Side Effects Software Inc.