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    Imagine / "Its offer really fast bowling for Ideas" I think nothing more ... homework for today to Build in Houdini..
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    crazy powerful tool I'm Addicted..
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    I also did some experiments with MJ, it's a crazy powerful tool:
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    You can use this invite: https://discord.com/invite/7TJ5vx2GA3
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    Peter Quint's old Particle Leaves video did a great job of explaining this; it used the Copy SOP, but the principles are (should be) the same (can't be embedded, unfortunately):
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    @N its a direction and its align with Z axis of the object. Up vector align with Y axis of the object. Base on it you can create orientation of the N and Up and object in origin point.
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    And one I use all the time. def returnValidHoudiniNodeName(passedItem): # Thanks to Graham on OdForce for this function! # Replace any illegal characters for node names here. return re.sub("[^0-9a-zA-Z\.]+", "_", passedItem)
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    I combined the Entagma flip melting tutorial with Sadjad Rabiee's fluid morph to produce this wax melting combination. I have added additional controls (check tooltips) to the popwrangle inside the DOPNetwork for better control over the "flow" of the simulation. I also added in the flatten flip surface nodes once the surface becomes too thin. This offers a more natural look as the fluid spreads out. You may receive a font error if you don't have "Candara Bold" installed on your system. Simply chose another font in the black/bold style (non-serif works best) ap_ntag_font_melt_FLIP.hiplc
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    Hello, I've been finally getting around to learning Houdini constraints and motors. Here's a first set of tests that I've ran. They are all quite simple beginnings, but I've learnt alot, particularly about ways to generate constraints in SOPS and then apply to DOPS, which seems really powerful. Im also using this to have a little peek at mantra, and learn how to set up really simple scenes. Heres the hip files for anyone else trying to work this stuff out. They are a bit disorganised, and alot of them contain ROPS that will need to be rerendered. hip_file hip_file hip_file hip_file hip_file
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    Sorry about the repost... I realized this is probably the more appropriate forum for a commercial tool. I've just released MOPs Plus into early access. This is an add-on to the existing MOPs toolset that adds some new convenient SOP toys for typography, collision geometry, randomizing or switching textures, and a few other tricks. It also adds MOPsDOPs, an extension of the MOPs toolset into simulations that allows you to use familiar tools to manipulate RBDs, Vellum, and POPs. Since it's in early access, if you use the coupon code MOPSPLUSEA at checkout, you'll get a 25% discount. You can find more details about the plugin here: https://motionoperators.com/info/mopsplus/ Feel free to hit me up with any questions at all! Thanks to everyone who's helped me test and refine so far.
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    if(s@hitpath == "op:/obj/geo1/popnet:0"){ @Cd = {0,1,0}; } else{ @Cd = {1,0,0}; } Use s@hitpath to make sure the if statement is testing against a string attribute. And use quotes to define your path. I've included a file of my own that has particles changing color depending on their collider object. collision_behaviour.hip
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    Yep. Whenever I learn a thing, I have to write it down, otherwise it's gone within a week.