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  1. Fill object with liquid all the way

    Thank you @Atom , for your time. I did notice a lot of smoothness with oversample overdose and sim times didnt seem to get affect much or at all. For my case I think i solved this particular issue by using the original geo and the sim geo via a VDB combine so there is no intersection with the "glass". THANK YOU Fred
  2. Fill object with liquid all the way

    Hey @Atom and @ejr32123 Im totally able to fill the object now using both methods but man is divergence causing my liquid to "jitter"/"flicker" like crazy. Do you know how I can smooth this particle movement? I'm using VDB but even with smooth pretty high you can still see it....quite nasty.
  3. Fill object with liquid all the way

    @ejr32123 Amazing. Thanks so much. I did get it to work but was using the old nodes today...! I really appreciate your time.
  4. Fill object with liquid all the way

    @Atom I am familiar with your tutorial and thank you so much for helping out everyone with that but unfortunately I can't replicate that setup using H17. Source volume node in DOPS is no longer avail. I did get it back using "opunhide" but i get quite confused with old and new nodes while trying to learn the logic behind this. Now its called volume source and is different, any chance you could help me setup in H17? Much appreciated for your help guys.
  5. Fill object with liquid all the way

    Hey pros, This sounds very basic but somehow i have lost too much time trying to achieve it. I have a character that is empty on the inside and i am trying to fill it up with fluid all the way. I have a sphere emitting particles and the liquid seems to be reacting correctly to the surface but as it pours it doesnt seem to go above a certain level. I have read about using divergence but everything i find online seems to use deprecated/now hiden nodes. I have tried enabling the “divergence” by attribute and add a pop wrangle with the divergence value but no success. I feel not so smart atm... could someone please post a hip for me? I cant seem to get it right.
  6. Houdini to 3dsmax - Particles

    Solved. Thank you for your help Ahmed. I got it to work now, by updating the version.
  7. Default Flipbook temp files

    This is now solved. It was not related to mplay but instead to temporary regtrans-ms files being created every hour because of a Ndvia 3d vision driver. Got back 72 gbs.... thanks for you help
  8. Houdini to 3dsmax - Particles

    416 is vc11 and 419 is vc9. Strange, maybe it does not work on my version. I'll keep trying different things but thanks so much for your help.
  9. Houdini to 3dsmax - Particles

    Ahmed what version of houdini are you on? Could it be that this was not compiled for 13 419? i also tried on 416. I make new scene, create a geometry node on OBJ level then I dive inside and create a rop output driver and search for prt rop driver using TAB key but cannot find anything there. not sure what I am doing wrong..
  10. Houdini to 3dsmax - Particles

    Great thread! One more question, I added the DLL to my DSO folder but cannot see it in houdini? Anything else I need to do to get this to work. What is the name of the operator? Krakatoa ? Prt? thanks a lot!
  11. Default Flipbook temp files

    Open GL I left everything default. On the render flip book settings window it says memory usage: 4351 images at 1194x868 (16.7 GB).
  12. Houdini to 3dsmax - Particles

    Im running version .419 hopefully i can get it to work. I just found the instructions!
  13. Houdini to 3dsmax - Particles

    Thats a good idea! How do I export .PRT from houdini? Are you using this exporter? How can I get it to work? https://github.com/ThinkboxSoftware/HoudiniPRTExporter
  14. Hi Everyone, Every time I do a flipbook it takes about 4GB of space on my HD. I have searched the whole C drive looking for those heavy file/s. I looked at the TEMP folder but that folder is very light. I looked at my C drive for latest modified files and no trace of any large files being created but I see the HD space going lower. I've tried restarting houdini and my machine hoping it was some sort of temporary cache but to no success. Can someone help ? thanks, Fred