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  1. how to stick vellum object on static collider

    awesome!!!! Thanks Noobini
  2. how to stick vellum object on static collider

    here is another good thread that talks about vellum to vellum collisions.. But doesn't have any pointers on how to stick vellum object on a static rbd
  3. does any one know how to stick vellum object on a static rbd here is a great tutorial that shows how to stick a vellum hair to a vellum sphere. but how to make a vellum object stick to a static rigid body like a wall ?
  4. raw_input error

    this works for me in H 15.5 but not in H 16.5
  5. raw_input error

    python hangs for me if i use 2 raw_inputs in my python shelf tool code i am using houdini 16.5.473 for example raw_input("enter a number: \n") raw_input("enter another number: \n") anyone knows why?
  6. multiple user input issue

    thanks 3dome
  7. multiple user input issue

    x=input("choose number: 1,2,3,4\n") if (x=="1"): y=input("choose letter: a,b,c,d\n") if (y=="a"): print "hello" can some one tell me what i am doing wrong here ?
  8. local variable in H16.5

    i m using 16.5.268 may be a version issue then.. thanks
  9. local variable in H16.5

    get the same issue when using wrangle to create local variable!
  10. i just noticed that in H16.5 i cannot see local variables by using middle click on node, or even under the information section.. is it a known issue? i have attached a simple hip file for test.. This works fine if i save the scene and open in H15 LOCAL_VARIABLE.hipnc
  11. pyro gas damp randomizing

    pyro gas damp question how can i vary how gas damp effect each of my explosion can i control the effect of damp using some sop level attribute? I have attached a simple scene file where all my explosions stop at similar heights because they are all effected by the same damp value of 1, but i want to vary them.. gas damp variation.hipnc
  12. smooth shaded through python

    thanks ikoon but when i run this script, i get this error 'GeometryViewportSettings' object has no attribute 'displaySet'
  13. smooth shaded through python

    i found this doc online http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/commands/viewdispset.html (search for shade) but how to set smooth shaded through python?
  14. executing python from within hip file

    just figured it out if I create a button using edit parameter window I can then set a python call back script on the button to call my script problem solved.. thanks
  15. I want to run my python code from object level of the houdini node network. basically if i pass my scene file to another person, they should be able to run the code from from within hip file's node network itself instead of passing on a separate shelf button I tried using the python node on the object level but it doesn't have an execute option that the other person can use. any one has an idea?