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  1. i have a model with 2000 pieces , some of them need to use polyfill and some of them need to use polyextrude. the problem is i cant find a way to make a condition to seperating them. the correct result should be like this (pic_1) : when they only use polyextude (pic_2) : and when the only use polyfill (pic_3) : i want to make a condition for change switch node to use correct sop for each object. is there any solution to fix this situation ? thanks alot Condition_problem.hipnc
  2. thank you jamesr , i think im asking wrong question , i want to find which object has unshared edge and add some progress on them , its not about only poly cap . for example i want to do something on objects with unshared edges and do something different on other object which has no unshared edge. and for that i need if statement .
  3. is there any solution for make a condition in sop level ? for example i have a loop (based on connectivity) and inside that i want to add pollycap on only objects which have unshared edge. is this possible to do it in houdini sop ? thanks
  4. i will loose the shape by set number of segments , i want to keep the shape
  5. I have a curve with 1203 point , and now i want to resample it to exact 800 point , is there any solution for this ? i want to use it for polypatch or bridge between two curve , currenty i have lot of error after polypatch/polybridge , because there is difference in point number between two curve. thanks
  6. Hey guys i have an group of edges , i want to make another group and add just one of those edge from first group to it . is there any trick for doing this ? thanks
  7. Hey Guys i want to push render to disk button in mantra node via python , but its not working , my code is something like this : myRenderNode = hou.node('/out/baketexture1') myRenderNode.parm('execute') is there any trick to do this ? thanks
  8. its working now , thank you so much
  9. not working in my case , i got this "AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'eval'" error after running this : myPath = "'"+myShopATT+'/'+myShopATT.replace('/obj/test3_FBX/materials/','')+"_surface"+'/map1'+"'" hou.parm(myPath).eval()
  10. i have 20 group prim , and there is 20 material for them , i want to get texture disk path from each material , and use it to set something . its shelf tool , dont need import hou
  11. the problem is , i want to to execute that to get texture path and then use that path to set something myPath = '/obj/test3_FBX/materials/Google_Hybrid___7/Google_Hybrid___7_surface/map1' hou.parm(myPath) here is the full code : myNodes = hou.selectedNodes() mySize = len(myNodes) for i in range(mySize): myNode = '/obj/geo1/'+myNodes[i-1].name() myShop = (myNodes[i-1].geometry().primAttribs()[0]).name() myShopATT = myNodes[i-1].geometry().primStringAttribValues(myShop)[0] myPath = 'hou.parm('+'"'+myShopATT+'/'+myShopATT.replace('/obj/test3_FBX/materials/','')+'/map1")' print myPath hou.node(myNode).parm('Texture').set(myPath) i want to execute myPath before use it to set Texture parm. its return this now : but it should be like this :
  12. Hey guys is there any way to execute string in python ? its my string variable : "hou.parm('/obj/test3_FBX/materials/Google_Hybrid___7/Google_Hybrid___7_surface/map1')" i want to use it to set a parameter , but problem is its a string. im also tried to change it like this : myPath = '/obj/test3_FBX/materials/Google_Hybrid___7/Google_Hybrid___7_surface/map1' hou.parm(myPath) in 3dsmax maxscript you can using a execute syntax before string to do it. is there a similar way in python for that ?
  13. yes you right , here is the corrected script , but still rename not working , and i dont know why : myNodes = hou.selectedNodes() getChildren = myNodes[0].children()[0] getChildrenName = getChildren.name() newNodeGroup = myNodes[0].createNode('group') newNodeGroup.setName(getChildrenName) the problem is in last line , if you change that to : newNodeGroup.setName(getChildrenName{0]) you can get characters by changing that number , but i cant get full name
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