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  1. Beer Simulation

    Can you share the Glass_v01.abc Just for complete the test Thanks
  2. HOT for h12

    Thank you very much, seems to work ok!!
  3. HOT for h12

    Hello is it possible to post HOT for H 12.1.33 thanks
  4. Massive Forum At Od[force]?

    Hi Guys! I've been reading some of your posts here. I'm a recent Massive user. We had the chance to work on a commercial which needed a couple of massive shots. At first it was quit difficult to understand how the software worked but after doing a lot of research I managed to get my Massive scenes rendered with Sytex AIR. Great render engine, very intuitive and a preview window which pops-up right away in massive when you hit the preview button. All these with a Massive Prime license and a 4-node Air license on Windows XP 64. So dig into Massive and Air and you'll have great results! All the best!
  5. im trying to use this classical i3d tutorial, but it doesnt work http://odforce.net/wiki/index.php/Tutorials http://odforce.net/tips/i3d_intro_page2.php..............404 Page Not Found thanks HOUDINI ROCKS