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  1. thanks Juraj! Sorry for my 2 years of delay!!! I never seen your answer until to day!!! Anyway, thank you for your answer. ;-)
  2. POP Curve Force with wrong directions.

    Thanks Marco!!! I fixed it! It was confused the arrows direction of the curve guide but.... works! Muchas gracias Marco ;-)
  3. Hi everyone! I hope that you can help me!!! I have problem with very basic effect. I want to attract fluid particles with a pop curve force node. The problem is that the guides of pop curve force node show wrong the arrows direction like a reverse direction. The normals of the spline or curve that´s right, but i don´t why in DOP are inverted. Someone could see the attached scene ??? Sorry for my bad english, But I believe understand it. Thanks! Glade_ClaveG_v004_test.hip
  4. Hi everyone. Excuse me for my bad english. I need your help. I want to add an animated random rotation to objects instanced by copySOP. If i use the inherited attribute from popnet, the orientation and rotations, don't see it good. Someone know some easy way to make it. i am noob in houdini. thx.