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  1. Houdini 9.0 public beta starts tomorrow, doesn`t it?
  2. Hi. I have a question about irradiance caching in mantra. I use simple shader with occlusion call in "Inline VOP" When i turn on irradiance caching and set File Mode to "Write Only" or "Read/Write" i get file with size about 94 bytes. This size doesn`t change when i am rendering different objects(simple sphere and grid, or compex geometry). The size is the same(about 94 bytes). I think the size of irradiance file may be bigger for largest scenes, isn`t it? Or i am wrong? At SideFX forum i have known that size of irradiance cache about 94 bytes points on empty cache file. Why cache may be empty?
  3. Flowersos Difussos

    Cool! I would like to know more details about your method of spreading diffuse inside plants.
  4. Side Effects Hits 20 Years Today!

    Congratulations. You are the best!!!
  5. Houdini Icon

    Nice icon. I put it on my desktop already.
  6. Using Pointclouds In Custom Cop

    Thank you MADjestic. I solved broblems in the code already. It works for me now.
  7. Hi. I am trying to bring in some attributes from point cloud to COPs by using custom VEX COP. So i get wrong, different, and totally unpredictable results every cook even if i neither chage values of the parameters nor change point cloud geometry. Where is a problem? My code: cop2 pc_image_gen(string pc_file = "";string attrib = "inside";float radius = 0.1;int maxpoints = 100; float scalef = 1) { int pc_handle; float d, r, sum = 0, result = 0; float tmpF; vector pos = set(X,Y,0); pos *= scalef; pc_handle = pcopen(pc_file, "P", pos, radius, maxpoints); float npoints = 0; while(pciterate(pc_handle)) { pcimport(pc_handle,"point.distance",d); pcimport(pc_handle,"radius",r); if (d <= r) { pcimport(pc_handle, attrib, tmpF); sum += tmpF; npoints++; } } result = sum / npoints; Cr = result; Cg = result; Cb = result; pcclose(pc_handle); }
  8. New Houdini Tutorial

    Thank you Miguel. You rocks.
  9. Library For .obj

    Hi. Thanks for your suggestions. But i going to write my own solution for read geomtry data from OBJ. It`s not too hard to code, and easy to support in the future.
  10. Library For .obj

    I`ve already been there and got some interesting things. Thanx.
  11. Particles Orient

    Hi. I have a particle system, and my particles sliding along surface by using Creep POP. How can i orient my particles along surface normal? (that is i want to orient Y axis of my particles by surface normal)
  12. Library For .obj

    Thanx. I know that OBJ is ASCII based. But i really hoped that there is premade routines for extracting geometry information from OBJ without writing my own ones. And i`ve already made sure there isn`t any premade libraries for working with OBJ format. I will code.
  13. Hi all. would anyone can advise good C++ library to work with .OBJ file format?
  14. Get Value Of Parameter

    Thanx for replies I`ve found the solution in the HDK documentation already. Thanx anyway.
  15. Hi All. I have one question about HDK. I have some objects of OP_Node class in my code and i know that objects are "bones". How can i get a value of bonelength parameter and value of translate parameter of they?