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  1. Copy group in vex?

    Ah ok. I see the problem now. Time to learn a bit more about vex arrays. Thanks.
  2. Copy group in vex?

    Im not sure. Doesn't that only assign the current prim to @group_newgroup? That would after all the prims have been looped through, result in all of them being in the group, but I am looking for a way to assign all the prims to that group during the evaluation of the first prim. Basically each prim would see that group get recreated ("Refreshed") with all the prims from input 0.
  3. Copy group in vex?

    Thanks. Is there an easy way to group all the input prims into a group without having to loop through each prim and assign them individually to the group?
  4. Copy group in vex?

    So I have a prim wrangle with an input that has all its primitives in a group called "allPrims". I am doing a loop where each time, I need to reset the group and make sure it contains all the primitives as I am removing certain ones within the loop. I thought that I could just make a copy of the initial group ("current") and remove the primitives from that copy then for each prim in the wrangle it would just refresh the the group based on the initial "allPrims" group. The only problem is that I cannot seem to copy the group. I am trying to do so like this: s@group_current = s@group_allPrims; This will create a group called current, but it will not have the primitives from the "allPrims" in it. How do you copy the contents of one group to another in vex? And as an alternative method which might just be easier, How do you assign all primitives from input 0 to a group as this could be done to refresh the group for each loop? Thanks!
  5. I need to create a vex function that given a position, and a max distance, it will return the prim_id & prim_uv of all the primitive (curves) within that max distance. Similar to what we can do with a pcloud, but with the closest position on the given curves, even if that closest position is not at a point. I am trying to use a while loop with an xyzdist lookup inside, but I am having trouble removing the found curves from the group in subsequent iterations. I want to add all the potential curves to a group and each time one of them is found, remove it from the group and run the xyzdist lookup again until it cannot find anymore curves. Does anyone have any idea how to accomplish this? Thanks!
  6. DopObject Operator Type?

    Works like a charm. Thanks!
  7. DopObject Operator Type?

    So I am looping through my simulation objects and want to get the dop id for all the rbdpackedobjects, and skip all the static objects, etc... The closest I have been able to get is listing the dopObjects dataType but that only tells me that its a "Sim_Object". Does anyone know how to get the Operator Type of a dopObject through Python? Thanks.
  8. PCloud in Pops

    I cannot seem to get the popmerge to read any particles from within the popnet. Has anyone had any luck using pcloud to iterate through particles within a popnet? Thanks. popnet_pcloud.hip