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  1. Hi everyone, I have recently start looking into glTP files. It looks really promising to introduce to the pipeline. So I have a question, although I was able to successfully import geo to SOP level; I had no luck getting the File> Import > GLTF Scene to working. I keep getting the "Failed to Import `...../geo.gltf` error. Has anyone got it working yet? Thank you!
  2. custom transform pieces

    Great stuff guys! Hey petz, I was trying to write something like this for a while. Love your method. I have a question, do you think it is possiable to do the matrix transform by the macthing name attr? Instead of prim-uv? Best, Berk.
  3. Yes, just like you said it faster to use blast then removeing geo in VEX, thanks guys. Almost twice as much: (7M points)
  4. Yes, indeed the blast SOP is faster. I have been doing the same way so far too. I was just wondering if one step was possible. Thanks for the answer! Alright, I will do a test to see which one is faster. I ll post the results! Thanks again!
  5. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knows how to delete rand points/prims with `rand()` in blast SOP. For some reason I couldn't get it to work: `rand(@ptnum)`>0.5 so I did this.. @id>`fit(0.5,0,1,1,npoints(opinputpath(".",0)))` but I guess there are chases where I dont/cant use id. Thanks!
  6. Quick scripting question...

    Thanks a lot, my mistake, cheers.
  7. Quick scripting question...

    Hi guys, I couldnt figure out something, need your help. So I want to pre scale individual primitives with foreach sop before generating the voronoi fracturing (it is a wood mesh). The classic work flow, scale it down so can get the splinter look when you scale it back after the fracturing. So I just want to make sure I control pre scale the each individual piece by their longest side. Thats kinda it, I ve been trying to do it with vopsop and attrwrangle but I just couldnt make it work correctly. I would much appreciate some help. Thanks! I was going for this kinda solution. Change the name of the string that I might use to scale, and compare the each axis with each other.. but again if you guys know a better way, Im ready to learn. s@mysizeName = "X"; if ( v@sizeAttr.z > v@sizeAttr.x ||v@sizeAttr.z >v@sizeAttr.y) s@mysizeName = "Z"; else s@mysizeName = s@mysizeName; if (v@sizeAttr.x >v@sizeAttr.y ||v@sizeAttr.x >v@sizeAttr.z) s@mysizeName = "X"; else s@mysizeName = s@mysizeName; if (v@sizeAttr.y >v@sizeAttr.x ||v@sizeAttr.y >v@sizeAttr.z) s@mysizeName = "Y"; else s@mysizeName = s@mysizeName;
  8. Hello Everyone, I m roughly a newbie to Houdini and I've been working on a student project where this sewer is being flooded. The water sim is done, now I want to put up some white water and mist, but I'm having hard time to make it work. I'm using the shelf tool so it should be pretty straight forward, but some how the white water/mist emission looks broken. It almost looks like the ww/mist emission only emits from the geo that I've use to emit the water. ( you can see at below, when you visualize the surface of the emission from the whitewater source node, I only get the geo that I previously used at the water sim.) I've tired my best but nothing really looks like making a progress. Maybe one of you can point out my problem. I would much appreciate if you guys have the time to help me out. Best regards.. Berk. (Expect my apologies if I've done any mistakes since its my first first )