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  1. Create a AttribWrangle, set it to points and use this code: int vert = vertexpoint(@OpInput1, @ptnum); int prim = vertexprim(@OpInput1, vert); v@N = prim_normal(@OpInput1, prim, 0, 0);
  2. Thank you for your response.
  3. I have a polygon curve that I want to split at each uv interval: The red dots is where I want to split the curve. How would I go about doing this? Thanks Waldo
  4. Yes, I cannot assume any incoming group name. The connectivity/partition method works too, but that changes the group names. I need to preserve group names. Yongbin's suggestion solves my problem, because I can get the groupname by index or in your case the FORIDXVALUE. Thanks both of you for the suggestions!
  5. yongbin: that's exactly it! Thanks a lot! Christian: while that's a good suggestion, it has the same issue I explained in my previous comment.
  6. Thanks for your reply Robert. That is what I had initially tried, but the problem with that is I have to assume what the incoming group names are. I need it to work with arbitrary group names. ChristianW: possibly, can you show me how?
  7. With the delete/copy node combination, I want to loop over each group of the input separately and combine the results at the end. This is the input node: As you see, it has two primitive groups. In the delete node where this node flows into, I'd like to delete all groups except for the "current one". Basically, I'm looking for the HScript string expression that returns a group name by index. Something like this: primgrouplist("../all_junctions")[0] Off course this doesn't work, because that just returns the first letter of the string returned by primgrouplist. How do I return thenth group in primgrouplist? Thanks, Waldo
  8. I'm familiar with python but new to python scripting in houdini. I'm wondering if it is possible to use a built in SOP like CurveSect inside a custom python sop? I'd imagine that should 'just' be a function call somewhere? Thanks Waldo
  9. Merging Highway Road Sweeps

    I've got multiple simple road sweeps, and some of them merge together: What sort of node logic would I use to achieve the following mesh? Thanks Waldo
  10. This is correct. It was just newbie confusion
  11. I've just started using Houdini, and I'm stuck in the middle of a tutorial. I have a nurbs path with two groups going into fuse node. This is what the fuse node looks like: This is the join node and its preview: Wrap Last to First and Only Connected is checked. In the tutorial the primitives stay in the group, but in my version they don't. I'm assuming the inner workings of the fuse node have changed since 2009? Thanks! Waldo Edit: So the question is: Is this behaviour normal? Is there a node I should use instead of Join?