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  1. Heyho everyone, I have a really strange bug. When I create a string pointattribute "instancefile" on a (animated or static) pointcloud, houdini is freezing for minutes and the gpu running full of memory. Now the strange thing is: If I call it other then "instancefile" it works fine.. Try this: scatterpoints 30.0000pts -> attribute create SOP (attribute name: instancefile type: string value: $PT or `@ptum`) Right now I found a silly solution. When its freezing, the GPU running full. If I closing the viewport everything went smooht. But its not a solution. Any Ideas? thanks, tom
  2. here ist screenshot...the old foreach left the new right...on the left you can switch he iterator float/integer
  3. Hi, if have no succes to switch the for each block iterator (index_in/length_in) to float. It alway iterate only over integers. How could I iterate over float value (like in to old for each block, i could switch between float and integer) thanks. Tom.
  4. River

    ....i think its not the stones textures, more the composition. its in nearly center of the image. and there is no movement happening, like big water interaction. either move it out of the center or make it regarding movement more a „rock star“....lower it, so more water could interact and splashing with the stone. maybe, you could also let the shader look more wet.
  5. Hi, I am trying to deforming a pointcloud with lattice SOP. This pointcloud containing a v-attribute (vector) which doesnt rotate/orient right after deforming. How can reorient (rotate) my v-attribut properly? thanks, tom.
  6. Read the offset form $YMIN, $YMAX, $SIZEY

    you could use the bbox expression. $YMIN ect. is a local variable. it works only on few nodes like transform node. so the equivalent expresion: $YMIN --> bbox("../node", D_YMIN) $SIZEY --> bbox("../node", D_YSIZE) etc. hope it helps.
  7. Sorting and Remapping Attributes

    thanks for sharing the python approach. good to have a alternative solution.
  8. Sorting and Remapping Attributes

    perfect!! thats what I want. i did the vex code in point mode...so detail mode and the loop over you point is way to go. thanks!
  9. Hey, I have the following issue. I have an ID attribtues wich looks following: 0,0,0,1,1,344,344,344,344,999,999 Now I want increase by one, like so: 0,0,0,1,1,1,2,2,2,3,3,3 I tried a lot i.e. partition sop, loopings with vex...but no success. Does anyone have an idea? thanks. tom
  10. Showreel 2018 Tom Freitag

    thanks guys ...its really motivating to get nice feedback!
  11. Showreel 2018 Tom Freitag

    Hello, I am FX/CG generalist. Here you can watch my new showreel compiling some work for feature film, commercials, personal work and R & D. I am available for freelancing remote or berlin based studios. Breakdown: https://www.dropbox.com/s/94tmwcmkmk279c2/breakdown_reel_2018_tomfreiag.pdf?dl=0
  12. going crazy with advceting points (vdbadvect)

    hey atom, thanks for you advice with converting both sides(density and vel to vdb) this helps. the smokesim is very lowres, without resampling i see the voxelgrid on my cloud.
  13. going crazy with advceting points (vdbadvect)

    hey atom, here is the file attached advectpoints.rar
  14. hey, here I have file where I try to advecting with vdbadvect inside sopsolver. the points going crazy. if i raiseing the substep it getting better, but its way to slow...because i will advecting 90mio points. Maybe there some bad velocities or the resize container? hipfile: https://we.tl/8OLaIq8Upx any solution would be nice. thanks in advance. tom
  15. folding smokesim

    hickstein, thanks, thats amazing! ...the solversop setup is exactly what i need. i try to implement alejandros surface tension model to enhance the folding effect. here is the site: http://www.gridmarkets.com/alejandro-echeverry thanks so far. tom.