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  1. Get look vector from Alembic camera

    Guys, thanks you all for replies. A lot of time i avoided to learn python. Always used MEL for Maya, hscript for Houdini. I have started learn python api or houdini and maya, four days ago. Now i can use python scripts. Thanks Jason !
  2. $NPT inside DOP POP source

    Thanks guys ! It's works! (really hard start to use new POP, a lot of new features)
  3. $NPT inside DOP POP source

    Hi ! I try to use new DOP POP nodes. But i can't use some old ways.. In old POP nodes, i have used $NPT for generation the number of points, same as source SOP ($NPT - in "Impulse Birth Rate" in Source POP node). But in new DOP POP - i can't use $NPT from source sop. How can i get the number of points from source SOP, and put that automatically in DOP POP source node "impulse count" field? Thanks!
  4. Get look vector from Alembic camera

    Thanks, crunch. This would be interesting, and good reason for starting to learn python for Houdini. This need more and more. as i can see.
  5. Hi. How can i grab direction vector from Alembic camera? In build-in camera i can do this using Camera "Rotation" values. But alembic camera has no any transform values - fields are empty.. How can i grab alembic camera direction? Thanks!
  6. Hi ! My problem step by step: I have material SHOP called "vopmaterial1" I have Subnet inside the vopmaterial1 called "subnet1" inside this subnet i have Ramp node. I need Ramp UI in one of "subnet1" parameters. But i can't do that ! I just got a bunch of some ramp parameters, but not ramp. In another words i want to use ramp in VOP level. I don't understand what i doing wrong. I try to create ramp on "subnet1" UI with "Edit Parameters interface" >> "Create Parameters" >> By Type >> Ramp(color), it showed in subnet1 UI, but i can't use it ! Help to solve please!
  7. A lot of thanks, marty. This shaders looks awesome. And reasonable priced..
  8. But !!! In real photo studio setups, you always use real lights. Or surfaces tinted by lights. From this side Houdini lighting way is absolutely logical.
  9. By the way... one more thing about strange permutations inside "MantraSurface" I have found a very big difference between directlight node for H12, and directlight node for H13 (i do compare because i remember another results with H12) - - - and few words about impressions by "Env Light". It a really mind blowing, when you has empty "Reflection and Refraction" fields on "obj" geometry level, but object still get reflections and refractions from Env Light - what the problem of this ? When you want to correct some reflections, or refractions, you can use planes+constant, visibly only by one object. You can use 1,2 or 5 planes and get nice look. With new H13 pipeline, you will get the same, but not the passes from that reflected planes. Using Env Light for same job - really strange workaround. I think, finally, is really only way, when you need to get proper passes - is creating you own shader. Another question, what about some productions-ready shaders for houdini ? With simple getting of Refraction, Reflection, Diffuse, Specular passes ? Is exist ?
  10. New question for this thread (may be that is not for actual theme about refractions & reflection, but linked hard) So: How can i transform env map ? Now i can rotate it only. How i can see with "portal geometry", map don't attach to geometry UV, or Point Positions. How can i transform map?
  11. Thanks, i have found the fastest solution. 1. I can not use env light, because can't transform env map on it (only rotate. no scale, no uv edit, no translate) This is because i like custom objects with ramps, maps etc. 1. add omni Light in scene. Shadows - disabled. 2. add sphere + material "clay" (or any other with diffuse) 3. link OmniLight with Sphere only. Now i can get indirect_reflect pass and indirect_refract components from direct_comp and indirect_comp, as Jkunz07 explained about.. Of course, this is the not a clean way, but for "asap" - is work. Thanks you for help.
  12. marty , thanks ! This looks what i need, but specific way. I have done some tests and looks like reflection and refraction passes works, but is another - very lighting-dependend way. Why i ask question - because in MentalRay , for example, i use planes (many planes in different statements) with constant colors (or ramp) when i need to create nice reflections on glass, or on ice. Then i catch refraction\reflection passes and tune it on post. In Houdini this way not work, as i can see. Need some light work. one more question - who know, where the full list hidden (and explanation) of MantraSurface AOV's ? For example diffuse_color_noshading - is listed in help docs, but no full list there.
  13. This is a test file, i have to created for this discussion. Whats wrong with it? (one minute) pass_test.hip
  14. Hi, magneto, i have tried but channels is empty. Black. Anim, thanks, i try all and get only few results: 1. direct_reflect looks like old "specular" pass 2. indirect_reflect looks empty 3. indirect_emission - give me only reflection+refraction, as i can see, but i can't separate 2 this passes. I see that filed on mantra Properties -> Output Export Components and value: diffuse reflect coat refract volume I try to use "Export variable for each component" but all empty. (with enabling or disabling exporting for lights also) I'm absolutely confused with this options, that can't give me simple separated reflection, refraction, specular components.. Looks like mantraSurface shader can't export separated reflection and refraction. It works for lights only. I need to use Env Light for getting passes. But i can not get all passes when i create some planes with constant materials. This is a really hard for understanding. Vray, for example, has a simple export for all components. What the most problem - i need passes for some ice model. I get a good look, but for post - can't get passes. ok let's start SHOP wiring
  15. Hi ! My brain is absolutely exploded, after 4 hours of tries export Reflection pass, Refraction pass and Specular pass, from great Mantra Surface shader in Houdini 13.5 IN my scene i have only box with mantraSurface shader, this shader has reflection enabled and refraction enabled. Also it has a Diffuse disabled. I can't understand how it's works !! I see reflections and refractions, has one Omni light in scene and have the big box around with JPG map on it as constant material color.. Please, help me export reflection and refraction from that terribly simple scene ??? In mantra manual i see: diffuse_color_noshading - ok !! It works. But WHAT i need to write in mantra node extra images fields for exporting just simple reflection and refraction as passes ??